Why you should offer Node.js Hosting and how to roll it out

Updated: Recording of the live webinar is now available here

Many of your customers love JavaScript, but to build scalable browser and server applications they need Node.js. This rockstar open-source cross-platform environment allows for rapid development of applications, which leads to high productivity, and therefore quicker deployment.

Some of the leading hosting companies already specialize in Node.js hosting. If your shop hasn’t rolled out Node.js support yet, and you are a customer of CloudLinux OS, this offering is within an easy reach and at no additional cost to you. Our new Node.js Selector allows you to offer Node.js hosting to make your shared hosting services more compelling.

This Node.js offering is also great for the Elastic Sites hosting model. Elastic Sites is a great alternative to VPS and allows you to offer more resources to your customers than you would on a typical shared hosting. With Node.js Selector you can now allow JavaScript developers to have the space and resources needed for their application while still minimizing theirs and yours management headaches. Enabling Node.js hosting on your your shared servers will not impact performance of the server, so it’s a good opportunity to expand your services without changing your infrastructure.

Join this webinar to learn how to deploy Node.js hosting with Node.js Selector. Inga Vakulenko, the person in charge of CloudLinux OS, will go over the Node.js settings in CloudLinux OS and how end users deploy Node.js. At the end of the webinar, she will also answer all your questions.

Updated: Recording is now available here