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We’re making CloudLinux OS better

We’re making CloudLinux OS better

The LVE Manager package brings a range of ‘under the hood’ system tune-ups that will let the CloudLinux Team collect aggregated statistical data of CloudLinux OS users (cPanel, Plesk and non-panel servers. DirectAdmin will be added soon).

These statistics don't include any personalized data and do not fall under the GDPR. Please see our EULAs, website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you have more questions on CloudLinux and GDPR, don't hesitate to ask us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The statistics include such metrics as the number of users on a server, the number of Node.js and Python applications, etc... There is a complete list of metrics at the end of this post.
This data is intended only for our internal use and will help the CloudLinux Team improve CloudLinux OS and make it more user-friendly. We won’t use this data for marketing purposes, only to improve our software.

We’re planning to release this feature gradually to avoid possible issues, and servers will be selected randomly. The data collection process will not affect your server performance because it self-limits its use of CPU/Memory resources.

To update, run the following command in a console:

yum update lvemanager lve-utils lve-stats alt-python27-cllib --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Please find the full changelog below.

lve-utils 3.0-21.8

  • LU-910, LU-907, LU-904, LU-858, LU-868, LU-881, LU-861, LU-879, LU-887, LU-886, LU-883, LU-857, LU-862, LU-893, LU-924: tasks related to statistics collection implementation;
  • LU-758: reseller with active limits but without custom config file for a notifier now inherits options from admin's config correctly;
  • removed unneeded CageFS build requirements;
  • LU-864: added mailman to clsupergid group and configured proc_super_gid option for cPanel servers.

lvemanager 4.0-25.10

  • LVEMAN-1364, LU-862, LU-866, LU-867, LU-883, LU-922: tasks related to statistics collection implementation.

alt-python27-cllib 1.4-14.1

  • LU-863: statistics collection implementation;
  • LU-866: added drop_privileges context manager to allow drop privileges temporarily;
  • PTCLLIB-131: removed get_governor_version error messages from stdout;
  • LU-853: made an exclude for /var/cpanel/users/system.

lve-stats 2.9-4.1

  • LU-879, LU-863, LU-868: tasks related to statistics collection implementation;
  • LVES-814: added sorting by field when doing by fault;
  • LVES-892: created the documentation for the cloudlinux-statistics and cloudlinux-top utilities;
  • PTCLLIB-119: when MySQL Governor config is malformed, human-readable exception is displayed;
  • LVES-901: added an ability to generate MySQL Governor statistic in script "" (refactored, added dbgov support);
  • LVES-899: fixed false resources exceeded alerts;
  • LVES-902: investigated and fixed an issue when reseller $PID exists in /proc/lve/resellers, but is absent in ve.cfg;
  • moved mail_helper from lve-stats 2 to python-cllib;
  • LVES-904: lveinfo now displays reseller history of its LVEs;
  • LVES-896: added support for html user_notify template in statsnotifier;
  • LVES-909: fixed queries for MySQL Governor database statistics when working with central database for multiple servers;
  • LVES-869: fixed missing values validation in statsnotifier config;
  • LVES-887: fixed issues for stats-notifier when the actual behavior doesn't match its settings;
  • LVES-880: fixed an issue with Username = N/A for a Reseller with disabled Reseller Limits feature on the Statistics tab;
  • LVES-885: hide DirectAdmin admin accounts in cloudlinux-top|statistics;
  • LVES-891: fixed the parsing details info from the LiteSpeed;
  • LVES-867: fixed the warnings from sqlalchemy (part-2);
  • LVES-754: fixed a stats2 and LiteSpeed issue + memory leak;
  • LVES-870: changed the service loading order on Cloud Linux 6: start after MySQL;
  • LVES-879: optimized tests;
  • LVES-874: improved prospector rules. Iteration #5;
  • LVES-859: admin no longer gets notifications about reseller_with_limits_on's users;
  • LVES-851: rewrote service restart method using lock files;
  • LVES-750: fixed a service crash in the case of LiteSpeed bad config.

A complete list of metrics collected by CloudLinux

  • Number of users with disabled CageFS
  • Number of users with enabled CageFS
  • CageFS status
  • CageFS mode
  • Control panel name
  • Control panel version
  • MySQL Governor mode
  • MySQL Governor status
  • MySQL Governor version
  • Whether an old mechanism is used to integrate with a custom control panel
  • Whether Reseller Limits feature is enabled
  • Whether Reseller Limits feature is supported by a control panel
  • A kernel supports Reseller Limits feature
  • Number of resellers with Reseller Limits enabled
  • Total number of resellers on a server
  • Number of resellers with faults
  • Total number of Node.js applications
  • Average number of Node.js applications per domain
  • Average number of Node.js applications per user
  • A default version of Node.js
  • Maximum number of Node.js applications per domain
  • Maximum number of Node.js applications per user
  • Number of Node.js applications used by a particular interpreter
  • Number of domains with Node.js applications
  • Number of users with Node.js applications
  • Whether Node.js Selector is used
  • A list of enabled Node.js versions
  • A list of installed Node.js versions
  • The default version of PHP
  • The native version of PHP
  • A list of enabled PHP versions
  • A list of installed PHP versions
  • Number of Python applications
  • The default version of Python
  • Whether the Python Selector is used
  • A list of enabled Python versions
  • A list of installed Python versions
  • Number of Ruby applications
  • The default version of Ruby
  • Whether the Ruby Selector is used
  • A list of enabled Ruby versions
  • A list of installed Ruby versions
  • Unique server ID associated with a particular CloudLinux OS installed
  • Data collection timestamp
  • The version of JSON file used to collect the data
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