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tuned-profile-cloudlinux updated

tuned-profile-cloudlinux updated

The new updated tuned-profiles-cloudlinux-0.1-3.el7 is available from our production repository (for CloudLinux 7 only).

The package contains cloudlinux-default profile which does the following:

  • Changes CPU governor to performance.
  • Applies the following kernel options:
  • vm.force_scan_thresh=100;
  • ubc.dirty_ratio=100;
  • ubc.dirty_background_ratio=75.
  • Detects used disk types and changes elevator to 'deadline' for HDD and to 'noop' for SSD in /sys/block/[blockname]/queue/scheduler.
  • Changes the maximal I/O queue size 1024 with /sys/block/[blockname]/queue/nr_requests.
  • Disables HugePages.
  • Provides adjustment group file for OOM-Killer to kill overrun php, lsphp and Phusion Passenger workers first.

To install and use the cloudlinux-default profile:

yum install tuned-profiles-cloudlinux
systemctl enable tuned
tuned-adm profile cloudlinux-default

Please find detailed information on tuned-profiles-cloudlinux in our documentation.

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