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Reseller Limits Beta 4 is now available

Reseller Limits Beta 4 is now available

The new LVE Manager Reseller Limits feature gains momentum and here its fourth Beta! On top of the overall improvements and bug-fixes we have implemented a new feature - now you can exclude mount points from namespaces for all LVEs. Please find details in the documentation.

To learn how to operate Reseller Limits, please read this documentation article.

If you've missed the previous releases of the feature, please follow the links to check information on Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 3 releases.

Please note that in order to use Reseller Limits you would have to install kernel that supports this feature. Once you've had install such kernel there is no need to reboot with every new Beta update. The latest kernel that supports Reseller Limits is 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.7.



  • CAG-774: PHP Selector settings are now ignored when alt-PHP is set as system default in cPanel MultiPHP;
  • CAG-778: handle Plesk domain renaming event.


  • PTCLLIB-103: fixed cpinfo behavior on Plesk;
  • PTCLLIB-106: investigated UnboundLocalError in Apache config parser.


  • LU-598: fixed traceback after run "lvectl sync-map" on no-panel CloudLinux server;
  • LU-518: optimization for cloudlinux-limits get request;
  • LU-600: cldiag --all now checks PHP Selector;
  • LU-233: implemented ability to configure default namespace;
  • LU-582: CloudLinux + DirectAdmin; fixed code related to the error: ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded;
  • AAP-195: fixed lvetop \ lveps counting speed load for LVE.


  • WEB-798: added 'search by package name' to a Package Tab in LVE Manager;
  • WEB-806: set correct admin's name in DirectAdmin config for LVE Manager;
  • WEB-816: moved version select button on Selector tab;
  • WEB-807: delete only images created month and more ago;
  • WEB-803: fixed Governor displaying in Current Usage tab in case when Governor wasn't installed;
  • WEB-752: implemented integration tests for Users tab (admin's & reseller's part of plugin) using page object;
  • WEB-799: made correction for displaying package name length in Users and Current Usage tabs;
  • WEB-818: fixed "RESPONSE OF COMMAND IS EMPTY" error when open Options tab for reseller;
  • WEB-794: moved CageFS functionality to LVE Manager (part 2);
  • WEB-820: fixed broken "Statistics" tab for Plesk and DirectAdmin;
  • CAG-774: ignore PHP Selector settings when alt-PHP is set as system default in cPanel MultiPHP;
  • WEB-792: MySQL Limit is now not displayed when MySQL-Governor mode is Off (part 2);
  • WEB-808: setting pmem|vmem parameters is now allowed in Kbytes via JSON API;
  • WEB-755: PopUp with error message is now displayed over all of the windows;
  • WEB-761: remote running of integration tests is now separated by tabs;
  • WEB-763: fixed bug with alphabetical sorting in Selector;
  • LVEMAN-1179: added human-readable errors on config check failure;
  • WEB-718: changed from Admin to Host;
  • LVEMAN-1190: fixed a bug where one cannot run commands via Add Python App menu;
  • LVEMAN-1189: fixed NPROC and EP translation to Russian;
  • WEB-794: moved CageFS functionality to LVE Manager;
  • WEB-792: MySQL-Limit is now not displayed when MySQL-Governor mode is Off;
  • WEB-793: create Jenkins job for utilits auto upgrade;
  • WEB-795: adapted options template to accordion display & optimize using input components.


  • LVES-852: fixed race condition vulnerability in snapshotsaver;
  • LVES-822: resellers are now allowed to configure notification periods in their settings;
  • PTCLLIB-103: fixed cpinfo behavior on Plesk;
  • LVES-806: lve_stats2_lib is now used for config parsing in StatsNotifier;
  • LVES-837: reduced amount of sentry events;
  • LVES-816: fixed a bug in cloudlinux-statistics when user was filtered out, but still present in the output;
  • LVES-791: investigated possible memory leaks and ways to optimize memory consumption of lvestats service (part-2);
  • LVES-838: improved prospector rules. Iteration #4. Reduce complexity.

Update command:

yum update cagefs lvemanager lve-utils lve-stats --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
Imunify360 2.6.8 released
CageFS and Alt-Python updated


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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

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