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lve-stats2 updated

lve-stats2 updated

The new updated lve-stats-2.4-8 is available from our production repository.


Release notes:

  1. Added possibility to customize notification subject with NOTIFY_FROM_SUBJECT in StatsNotifier.cfg for backward compatibility with lve-stats-0.x.

  2. Added StatsNotifier.cfg validation.

  3. Fixed incorrect dependencies for lve-stats.

  4. Fixed bug related to inability of running systemctl reload lvestats command for CloudLinux 7.

  5. Fixed bugs related to data migration when updating from lve-stats 0.10-x.

  6. Fixed a bug that didn’t allow to save snapshots more often than once a minute.


  • LVES-592: added NOTIFY_FROM_SUBJECT handling to StatsNotifier.cfg;
  • LVES-603: added support reload to unit-file;
  • LVES-604: fixed dependencies in lve-stats package;
  • LVES-592: fixed parsing of StatsNotifier.cfg with incorrect config;
  • LVES-589: fIxed V1DBMigrator OperationalError: (OperationalError) no such table: history;
  • LVES-588: fixed DBSaverX60 PluginExecutionException: unsupported operand type(s) for *=: 'NoneType' and 'int' after migration;
  • LVES-570: fixed a bug that did not allow to save snapshots more than once per minute.

To install run:

yum install lve-stats

To update run:

yum update lve-stats

To downgrade:

yum downgrade lve-stats


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