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LVE Manager, CageFS, and Alt-Python27-cllib updated


New updated LVE Manager, CageFS, and Alt-Python27-cllib packages are now available for download from our production repository.



  • WEB-1569: Python Selector UI shows 404 error because of missing plugin files
  • WEB-1564: Error when trying to add the filename without extension in the Python Selector
  • LVEMAN-1571: Fix virtualenv path in WEB user interface
  • WEB-1586: Use full virtualenv path from server response
  • LVEMAN-1562: Additional check for app_root existence before creating application
  • WEB-1553: Error when changing the timezone/charset from UI (PHP Selector)
  • WEB-1541: Cover users PHP Selector on Plesk by integration tests
  • WEB-1448: Implement new PHP Selector for Plesk
  • LVEMAN-1521: Traceback in Python Selector when disk quota exceeded
  • LVEMAN-1545 Fix error responses for Selector commands
  • WEB-1530: DirectAdmin: incorrect size of Python Selector sector on Dashboard in LVE Manager plugin
  • WEB-1549: Correct deleting Python Selector from DirectAdmin
  • LVEMAN-1562: Fix import old Python applications problems


  • CAG-952: Fix Plesk hook
  • CAG-940: /etc/cagefs/exclude/* files should be generated more thoroughly
  • CAG-955: Add libgs and libgs-devel packages to CageFS
  • WEB-1563: Icon issue on the non-default skin in DirectAdmin
  • CAG-936: Add awstats to CageFS
  • CAG-943: Added ability to use alt-php72-zts with PHP Selector


  • WEB-1448: Implemented new PHP Selector for Plesk

Release notes

  • New PHP selector for Plesk
  • You can use this documentation to configure alt-php72-zts to use with PHP Selector

To update


yum update lvemanager cagefs

To downgrade


yum downgrade lvemanager alt-python27-cllib cagefs cagefs-safebin
Production release: CloudLinux 7 hybrid with 4.18 ...
EasyApache 4 updated

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