Learn how -- and why -- to roll out Node.js and Python hosting, this year at the cPanel conference

Some leading hosting companies already specialize in Node.js and/or Python hosting. If you haven’t yet rolled out support for these, it’s easy to do with CloudLinux OS, which includes Node.js and Python Selectors in its feature set.

Why not make your shared hosting services more compelling by offering your customers Node.js/Python-based hosting?

Give developers what they need:

Activating Node.js or Python on shared servers has minimal performance impact and maximal opportunity for expanding your services without changing your infrastructure.

Join the cPanel event session and learn how to deploy Node.js and Python hosting with CloudLinux OS Selectors.

Igor Seletskiy, CloudLinux’s CEO, will delve into the details, showing you how to deploy these hosting options, comparing them to other offerings from VPS suppliers, and giving you an insight into what customers really want from you.

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