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EasyApache 4 updated

EasyApache 4 updated

The new updated packages are available for download from our production repository.


ea-ruby24-ruby 2.4.1-3.cloudlinux

ea-apache24 2.4.27-6.cloudlinux

  • EA-6274: allows users to override hard coded ulimit() by using /etc/sysconfig/httpd.

ea-apache24-config 1.0-111.cloudlinux

  • EA-6733: .htaccess is read with mod_userdir; optimized .htaccess.

ea-php(52|53|54|55|56|70|71)-libc-client 2007f-10.cloudlinux

  • added PHP 7.2 support.

ea-php(53|54|55|56|70|71)-pear 1.10.1-9.cloudlinux

  • stopped using local.ini;
  • ZC-2819: added PHP 7.2 support.

ea-php71-php-ioncube10 10.0.0-1.cloudlinux

  • EA-6684: initial version 10.

To update run the command:

yum update ea-ruby24-ruby ea-apache24 ea-apache24-config ea-php*-libc-client ea-php*-pear ea-php71-php-ioncube10

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