CloudLinux 7.4 released

We are so excited to announce that the new updated CloudLinux version 7.4 with updated OpenSSH, OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, samba, systemtap, and much more is now available for download.

Release notes:


Please, note that on some outdated cPanel systems the firealld rules for cPanel ports may become broken after firewalld update.

The solution is:

1. Remove the following lines from the /etc/firewalld/services/cpanel.xml file:

module name="iptable_filter"/

module name="ip6table_filter"/

2. Restart the firewalld service:

service firewalld restart

The best way to install CloudLinux 7.4 is to convert CentOS server:

Alternatively, you can download and install it from ISO image:

To updated run:

yum upgrade