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Beta: LVEManager updated

Beta: LVEManager updated

New version of LVEManager available from our beta repository. It introduces a number of bug fixes and minor improvements. 



  • LVEMAN-513: cPanel : fix making snapshots visible via resource usage in user interface 
  • LVEMAN-485: APRS: Fix adding mysql2 ruby module 
  • LVEMAN-543 - fix DynamicUI configuration bug with LVE Manager 
  • LVEMAN-653: make LVE Manager Options work 
  • LVEMAN-646: fix error while update of lvemanager package 
  • LVEMAN-648: show all stats in StatsBar in Paper Lantern theme in cPanel 11.54 
  • LVEMAN-647: fix incorrect usage in StatsBar in x3 theme in cPanel 11.54 
  • LVEMAN-649: incorrect StatsBar in Basic theme in cPanel 11.54 
  • LVEMAN-639: adapt javascript code of LVE Manager and Selectors for cPanel 11.54 
  • LVEMAN-650: graphs are not visible in Resource Usage in Basic and Paper Lantern themes in cPanel 11.54 
  • LVEMAN-663: fix cagefsctl error while update of cagefs & lvemanager packages (aka CAG-452) 

- PAMLVE-4: Fix logging for crond service on CL7 

- LVEW-10: Fix PHP environment translation to caged user when using piped mail from uncaged user 

- BSOCK-4: do not filter out SENDER and RECIPIENT environment variables 

To update: 
$ yum update lvemanager pam_lve lve-wrappers bsock --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Fix for quota inside the container vzkernel-2.6.32...
Beta: LVEManager updated


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Monday, 25 May 2020

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