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Beta: Alt-PHP updated

Beta: Alt-PHP updated

Updated Alt-PHP 5.6 and Alt-PHP 7.1 packages are available for download from our updates-testing repository.



  • (core) 73337: try/catch not working with two exceptions inside a same operation;
  • (bz2) 73356: crash in bzcompress function;
  • (gd) 73213: Integer overflow in imageline() with antialiasing;
  • (gd) 73272: imagescale() is not affected by, but affects imagesetinterpolation();
  • (gd) 73279: Integer overflow in gdImageScaleBilinearPalette();
  • (gd) 73280: Stack Buffer Overflow in GD dynamicGetbuf;
  • (gd) 72482: Illegal write/read access caused by gdImageAALine overflow;
  • (gd) 72696: imagefilltoborder stackoverflow on truecolor images;
  • (imap) 73418: Integer Overflow in "_php_imap_mail" leads Heap Overflow;
  • (spl) 73144: Use-after-free in ArrayObject Deserialization;
  • (soap) 73037: SoapServer reports Bad Request when gzipped;
  • (sqlite3) 73333: 2147483647 is fetched as string;
  • (standard) 73203: passing additional_parameters causes mail to fail;
  • (standard) 73188: use after free in userspace streams;
  • (standard) 73192: parse_url return wrong hostname;
  • (wddx) 73331: NULL Pointer Dereference in WDDX Packet Deserialization with PDORow.


  • (core) 72736: Slow performance when fetching large dataset with mysqli / PDO;
  • (date) 73426: createFromFormat with 'z' format char results in incorrect time;
  • (json) Introduced encoder struct instead of global which fixes bugs 66025 and 73254 related to pretty print indentation;
  • (odbc) 73448: odbc_errormsg returns trash, always 513 bytes;
  • (pcre) 73392: A use-after-free in zend allocator management;
  • (pdo_firebird) 73087, 61183, 71494 Memory corruption in bindParam;
  • (spl) 73423: Reproducible crash with GDB backtrace.

To install run the command:

yum groupinstall alt-php --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

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