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Beta: Alt-PHP updated

Beta: Alt-PHP updated

New updated alt-PHP packages are available from our updates-testing repository.










  • php-litespeed updated from 6.9 to 6.10;
  • fixed alt-phpXY-firebird install for 32 bit systems.


  • php-litespeed updated from 6.9 to 6.10;
  • fixed alt-phpXY-firebird install for 32 bit systems;
  • updated to 7.1.0RC3:


  • (core) #73156: segfault on undefined function;
  • (core) #73163: PHP hangs if error handler throws while accessing undef const in default value;
  • (core) #73172: parse error: Invalid numeric literal;
  • (core) #73181: parse_str() without a second argument leads to crash;
  • (com) #73126: Cannot pass parameter 1 by reference;
  • (com) #69579: Invalid free in extension trait;
  • (gd) #50194: imagettftext broken on transparent background w/o alphablending;
  • (gd) #73003: Integer Overflow in gdImageWebpCtx of gd_webp.c;
  • (gd) #53504: imagettfbbox gives incorrect values for bounding box;
  • (gd) #73157: imagegd2() ignores 3rd param if 4 are given;
  • (gd) #73155: imagegd2() writes wrong chunk sizes on boundaries;
  • (gd) #73159: imagegd2(): unrecognized formats may result in corrupted files;
  • (gd) #73161: imagecreatefromgd2() may leak memory;
  • (json) #73113: Segfault with throwing JsonSerializable;
  • (pcre) #73121: Bundled PCRE doesn't compile because JIT isn't supported on s390;
  • (pdo_dblib) #72414: Never quote values as raw binary data;
  • (pdo_dblib): Allow \PDO::setAttribute() to set query timeouts;
  • (pdo_dblib): Handle SQLDECIMAL/SQLNUMERIC types, which are used by later TDS versions;
  • (pdo_dblib): Add common PDO test suite;
  • (pdo_dblib): Free error and message strings when cleaning up PDO instances;
  • (pdo_dblib): #67130: \PDOStatement::nextRowset() should succeed when all rows in current rowset haven't been fetched;
  • (pdo_dblib): Ignore potentially misleading dberr values;
  • (phpdbg): Added generator command for inspection of currently alive generators;
  • (reflection): Undo backwards compatiblity break in ReflectionType->__toString() and deprecate via documentation instead.
  • (session) #73100: session_destroy null dereference in ps_files_path_create

To install run the command:

yum groupinstall alt-php --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing


Alt-PHP updated
Beta: HardenedPHP released for EA4 and MultiPHP


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Sunday, 17 November 2019

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