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Beta: Alt-PHP 7.1.0RC1 released

Beta: Alt-PHP 7.1.0RC1 released

New Alt-PHP version 7.1.0RC1 is available from our updates-testing repository.




  • Fixed bug #72944 (Null pointer deref in zval_delref_p).
  • Fixed bug #72943 (assign_dim on string doesn't reset hval).
  • Fixed bug #72598 (Reference is lost after array_slice()).
  • Fixed bug #72703 (Out of bounds global memory read in BF_crypt triggered by password_verify).
  • Implemented \ArgumentCountError when passing in too few arguments.


  • Fixed bug #72922 (COM called from PHP does not return out parameters).


  • Fixed bug #70825 (Cannot fetch multiple values with group in ini file).


  • Fixed bug #66005 (imagecopy does not support 1bit transparency on truecolor images).
  • Fixed bug #72913 (imagecopy() loses single-color transparency on palette images).
  • Fixed bug #68716 (possible resource leaks in _php_image_convert()).


  • Fixed bug #72320 (iconv_substr returns false for empty strings).


  • Fixed bug #65732 (grapheme_*() is not Unicode compliant on CR LF sequence).


  • Implemented earlier return when json_encode fails, fixes bugs #68992 (Stacking exceptions thrown by JsonSerializable) and #70275 (On recursion error, json_encode can eat up all system memory).


  • Fixed bug #66797 (mb_substr only takes 32-bit signed integer).


  • Fixed bug #72949 (Typo in opcache error message).


  • Implemented stringify 'uniqueidentifier' fields.


  • Reverted prepending \ for class names.


  • Fixed bug #72940 (SID always return "name=ID", even if session cookie exist).
  • Implemented session_gc() and session_create_id() functions.


  • Fixed bug #72971 (SimpleXML isset/unset do not respect namespace).
  • Fixed bug #72957 (Null coalescing operator doesn't behave as expected with SimpleXMLElement).


  • Fixed bug #71711 (Soap Server Member variables reference bug).
  • Fixed bug #71996 (Using references in arrays doesn't work like expected).


  • Fixed bug #72920 (Accessing a private constant using constant() creates an exception AND warning).
  • Fixed bug #65550 (get_browser() incorrectly parses entries with "+" sign).
  • Fixed bug #71882 (Negative ftruncate() on php://memory exhausts memory).


  • Fixed bug #72714 (_xml_startElementHandler() segmentation fault).

To install run the command:

yum groupinstall alt-php --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
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