CloudLinux - Centralized monitoring

CloudLinux OS+, scheduled for release in Q4 2020, includes a new tool created to make life easier for hosting providers: Centralized Monitoring. Centralized Monitoring enables sysadmins to monitor all their servers, determine the load on each one, and identify the users creating the most load. If a domain is using an inordinate amount of CPU, memory, or disk resources, this tool helps bring it under control.

How to find performance bottleneck with Centralized Monitoring.


Performance bottlenecks detection


Out of the box solution


All performance monitoring in one place


Custom notifications and alerts



A Detailed Look At Server Performance

Centralized Monitoring provides a detailed look at the load on any and all servers throughout your infrastructure. It enables sysadmins to easily monitor:

  • Server performance (RAM, CPU, disks, system load, network, open files, IO)

  • Hardware temperature

  • Number of users

  • Apache connections

  • MySQL connections

  • CPU steal time for VM

  • Per-user resources (CPU, RAM, Processes, IO, MySQL CPU and IO)


We want this new tool to be effective right out of the box, as well as trouble-free and easy to use. It will provide a detailed per-user view.

For Running

CloudLinux OS: 6, 6 Hybrid, 7, 7 Hybrid, 8


Servers Running




Data Center Partners

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