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We’re seeking beta testers for Centralized Monitoring, a new performance monitoring tool included in CloudLinux OS+.

CloudLinux OS+, scheduled for release in Q4 2020, includes a new tool created to make life easier for hosting providers: Centralized Monitoring. Centralized Monitoring enables sysadmins to monitor all their servers, determine the load on each one, and identify the users creating the most load. If a domain is using an inordinate amount of CPU, memory, or disk resources, this tool helps bring it under control.

How to find performance bottleneck with Centralized Monitoring.


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A Detailed Look At Server Performance

Centralized Monitoring provides a detailed look at the load on any and all servers throughout your infrastructure. It enables sysadmins to easily monitor:

  • Server performance (RAM, CPU, disks, system load, network, open files, IO)

  • Hardware temperature

  • Number of users

  • Apache connections

  • MySQL connections

  • CPU steal time for VM

  • Per-user resources (CPU, RAM, Processes, IO, MySQL CPU and IO)


We want this new tool to be effective right out of the box, as well as trouble-free and easy to use. It will provide a detailed per-user view.

Become A Beta Tester

Login to CLN

To become a beta tester, just login to CLN and click on the CloudLinux OS+ beta testing banner. NOTE: you'll need a CloudLinux OS license (key-based, not ip-based) ordered directly from CloudLinux to participate in beta testing. Beta testing is not available for reseller accounts.

Help Us Test This Tool

By becoming a beta tester, you’ll be able to help shape this new tool to meet your requirements. 

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CloudLinux OS: 6, 6 Hybrid, 7, 7 Hybrid, 8


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