Igor Seletskiy

Igor Seletskiy

CloudLinux is on a mission to make Linux secure, stable, and profitable, and Igor Seletskiy is at the helm of this undertaking. He is the CEO and founder of the company, and an innovator responsible for the strategic direction of the company and all products within the CloudLinux brand.

Igor is an accomplished technology guru focusing on Linux, kernel development, and the hosting industry. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, and has a successful track record of more than 15 years of delivering innovative products to market.

Igor Seletskiy's articles

by / Thursday, 03 January 2019
5 Bad Reasons to Update Your Linux Kernel

A Linux kernel update is not to be taken lightly—change means risk.

Whatever reasons you think you might have, there is really only one that matters.

I tell you what it is in this blog post.

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by / Saturday, 17 November 2018
CLN Downtime

[Update: Nov 17 8:50pm Pacific Timezone]

All services Restored. If you experience any issues - please, contact support at


[Nov 17 11am Pacific Timezone]

Due to internal software issue CLN will be down for the next several hours.

The issue affected current server...

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by / Tuesday, 28 August 2018
A New Partnership: Committing to Better Security, Together

On August 20th, CloudLinux acquired Revisium, a company specializing in automated website malware cleanup. Revisium has 7 years of experience in malware cleanup automation and its products have cleaned hundreds of thousands of websites. CloudLinux is committed to continue growing and promoting...

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by / Tuesday, 28 August 2018
CloudLinux old helpdesk system data leak

Due to the misconfiguration of our old helpdesk system after a server reboot, during the period of August 5th to August 21st, 2018, some attachments from old helpdesk systems were indexed by the Google search engine (according to our server access logs, no other search engine indexed those...

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by / Tuesday, 17 July 2018
Meet Imunify360 with Proactive Defense, the sophisticated protection against any kind of malware, all in one nice package.

Proactive Defense, the new feature of Imunify360, has now been released to production for cPanel customers. This new technology has made a significant contribution in our multi-layer security in stopping malware and protecting your Linux Web servers from most, if not all, attacks.

Security must...

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by / Thursday, 05 July 2018
How to stop playing Whack-A-Mole with malware and actually protect servers from attacks

Software vulnerabilities are constantly being exploited and monetized, and organized crime now consist of large development teams with substantial budgets. It has become a profitable industry that has seen rapid growth, fueled by ransomware schemes and cryptomining exploits, all without dire...

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by / Monday, 21 May 2018
CloudLinux and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in the EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to citizens and residents...

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by / Monday, 02 April 2018
Imunify360 Protects Customers Against Highly Critical Drupal Exploit

Drupal has recently patched a critical remote code execution exploit SA-CORE-2018-002/CVE-2018-7600. This vulnerability may result in Drupal sites to be completely compromised.

Imunify360 protects against this vulnerability using built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF) as well as the intelligent...

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by / Tuesday, 06 February 2018
KernelCare fixes Meltdown and Spectre without reboots!

KernelCare now live patches Meltdown and Spectre (spectre-v1) that exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. The list of supported distributions is available below. Free trial supports updates too.

By now, you might have thought that the topic of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities...

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by / Wednesday, 03 January 2018
Intel CPU Bug - Meltdown and Spectre - KernelCare and CloudLinux
Update [May 29, 2018 12:25am PT]

Meltdown fixes for Ubuntu 16.04 are now on test.

To deploy them:
edit /etc/sysconfig/kcare/kcare.conf


kcarectl --update

TAGNAME: update-2018-05-29-test-1

  CVE-2017-5754: Systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution...

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