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Anna is a Sales Account Executive for CloudLinux, looking after customers across the EMEA regions. She's a boxer, an animal-lover, and enjoys travel and good company. Born in Spain, she now lives in the Netherlands.
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Maria combines her passion for technology and people in her role as Head of Human Resources for CloudLinux, KernelCare and Imunify.
With more than a quarter of a century in IT, Paul brings with him a kaleidoscope of experiences and insight which he uses to drill into and pick apart the complexities of Linux server security and hosting issues, as Technical Evangelist and Content Writer for CloudLinux.
Kirill is a Project Manager at Cloudlinux and is leading the Imunify360 product team. During the nearly ten years of project management experience in leading IT companies, Kirill has helped with development and release-to-market of a diverse portfolio of products.
Inga is a Project Manager at CloudLinux and is leading the CloudLinux OS product team. With over 8 years of project management experience within the IT industry, Inga has helped with the development and the release-to-market of a diverse set of products, mainly Web-based.