CloudLinux - CloudLinux Blog - We need your feedback - LVE Manager Beta 2 Released

We need your feedback - LVE Manager Beta 2 Released

We need your feedback - LVE Manager Beta 2 Released


Be amongst the first to try our second beta of new admin UI for LVE Manager.

The new user interface was released to beta two months ago, and it has been now improved! Our team fixed a number of bugs as well as improved overall performance and responsiveness of the interface.

To find more about new LVE Manager watch our CloudLinux Academy webinar ( ).The new interface unifies control over all parts of CloudLinux OS functionality into one place and makes it easy and convenient for sys admins to manage CloudLinux settings.

We are hoping to release this beta to production soon - and we need your feedback for that. We encourage you to try our new improved LVE Manager. If you want to try this new beta, please install the upgrade package from our upgrades-testing repository:


$ yum update cagefs lvemanager lve-utils lve-stats --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing



  • LVES-677: made StatsNotifier workable on Plesk;
  • LVEMAN-1075: removed files for old lve-stats1; added conflict with lve-stats1;
  • LVES-678: made StatsNotifier workable on DirectAdmin;
  • PTCLLIB-86: fixed TypeError when trying to get user domains on DirectAdmin;
  • LU-364: few MySQL Governor API calls now returns 0 on success;
  • PTCLLIB-83: plugin detection results now cached only for third-party plugins Replace dangerous exec() with import_module() for plugin loading;
  • PTCLLIB-85: fixed ValueError when retrieving user IO limit and it is less than 1mb/s.


  • LU-380: fixed traceback when trying to set speed limit bigger than machine's maximum limit without "%" sign;
  • LU-374: fixed behavior of "cloudlinux-limits" when reset limits to package default. Part II;
  • LU-336: --save-all-parameters option of lvectl correctly processed speed limits;
  • LU-374: fixed behavior of "cloudlinux-limits" when resetting limits to package default;
  • LU-376: fixed traceback in 'cloudlinux-selector --json set --selector-status=disabled/enabled' on Plesk;
  • LU-373: fixed behavior for keys `--get-user-reseller`, `--userid`, etc. in getcontrolpaneluserspackages;
  • LU-366: fixed /usr/sbin/processpaneluserspackages traceback;
  • LU-363: added ability to cl-packages to pass package name as string of codes;
  • LU-364: accumulate ret_codes during cllimits set; fixed trace when MySQL Governor is not installed;
  • LU-360: created the key `--get-user-reseller` for getcontrolpaneluserspackages script for DirectAdmin and Plesk;
  • LU-343: "cloudlinux-limits set" command returns new limits as JSON;
  • LU-367: fixed cloudlinux-limits traceback if user's package contains quotas;
  • LU-198: made save_xml() atomic (used tmp file + os.rename - implemented locking while processing ve.cfg file);
  • LU-340: allows to save speed limits without % (part 2);
  • LU-128: rewritten /usr/sbin/processpaneluserspackages from Perl to Python;
  • LU-351: fixed error during saving new limits for package with non-ascii characters;
  • LU-359: fixed cloudlinux-config hangs during MySQL Governer configuration;
  • LU-356: hidden "Select PHP version" icon in cPanel UI when selector is disabled;
  • LU-348: fixed an issue when LVE Manager -> Packages failed on DirectAdmin and Plesk;
  • LU-336: --save-all-parameters option of lvectl processes speed limits correctly; 
  • LU-279: fixed an issue when lveps did not work due to CPU frequency in /proc/cpuinfo = 0;
  • LVEMAN-1072: fixed behavior of Reset button for inodes limits in Options.

lve-stats- 2.5-14

  • LVES-700: fixed "invalid literal for float()" when trying to get LiteSpeed request time in snapshot;
  • LVES-710: fixed IOError when sending message to sentry under user;
  • LVES-701: added old snapshots clear up;
  • LVES-652: fixed an issue when showing mysql fields in cloudlinux-statistics every time mySqlGov enabled (part 2);
  • LVES-676: returning IO values in same units of measurement in cloudlinux-top and cloudlinux-statistics.


  • WEB-488: fixed position for Unrestrict button, message and page reloading in Current usage tab;
  • WEB-489: showing tooltip in "Current Usage" tab if radio-button "Domain" selected;
  • WEB-484: fixed an issue when did not show MySQL statistics on statistics tab if MySQL was not selected for showing;
  • WEB-485: fixed an issue when SPA plugin failed after update to cPanel EDGE;
  • WEB-440: implemented placeholder on Options tab for DirectAdmin and Plesk when no Governor in the system;
  • LVEMAN-1051: implemented PHP Selector without CageFS (for single account on a server);
  • WEB-468: Gerrit trigger;
  • WEB-464: inserting static data into RPM packages, created by build system;
  • WEB-465: showing the biggest format of all IO in lvemanager;
  • WEB-466: handling logout error in cPanel;
  • LVEMAN-1067: fixed issue with missing file "/etc/cron.d/lvemanager-selector" after clean installation lvemanager;
  • CAG-537: added --apply-global-php-ini option;
  • WEB-438: fixed view of SPA plugin on cPanel EDGE to allow user's read alerts;
  • WEB-406: displaying tooltips built-in svg-graphics correctly;
  • WEB-374: does not allow admin to edit MySQL limits if Governor mode is all\off;
  • WEB-304: added starting loader to cPanel as it is done in direct admin;
  • WEB-384: fix for [-] button for user in Users tab in Edit mode;
  • WEB-370: fixed loader bug in MS Edge;
  • WEB-443: restored "Save" button in settings on cPanel;
  • WEB-391: added possibility to manage unit of CPU value via SPA plugin;
  • WEB-448: displaying IO in history;
  • WEB-441: fixed Loader when pressing Save button in Users tab;
  • LVEMAN-1002: added clquota -YC to cron;
  • WEB-362: implemented "Install Imunify 360" button in LVE Manager settings;
  • LVEMAN-1054: fix for inodes usage in cPanel stats bar and in Current Usage in user interface;
  • WEB-415: added protection of CSRF Attack vulnerability for spa lvemanager;
  • WEB-380: added conversion for I/O and MySQL I/O in Current Usage;
  • WEB-399: temporary disabled LVE Faults Email Notifications on DirectAdmin and Plesk;
  • WEB-389: must save only changed users limits (speed/inodes/ep/etc);
  • WEB-419: fixed an issue when didn't show limits in History;
  • WEB-373: fix for Governor options in Options tab;
  • WEB-395: handling of end of panel session;
  • WEB-402: fixed bread crumbs in SPA;
  • WEB-352: implemented sentry to lvemanager spa;
  • WEB-386: fixed user editing bugs;
  • WEB-393: fixed vulnerability in PHP selector webUI;
  • WEB-390: fixed Domain radiobutton behavior on Current Usage tab;
  • WEB-382: does not show VMEM column if it is empty;
  • WEB-387: added loader on options page;
  • WEB-404: improved validation in lve-manager/users;
  • WEB-336: added two checkboxes in Package;
  • WEB-376: using promises;
  • WEB-377: fixed small problems before Webinar.
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