CloudLinux - CloudLinux Blog - Reseller Limits Beta is now available for Plesk!

Reseller Limits Beta is now available for Plesk!

Reseller Limits Beta is now available for Plesk!

You asked — we do! LVE Manager version 3.1-3 with Reseller Limits support for Plesk is released to Beta! CloudLinux OS team has been working on this feature for over twenty months and we are happy it is now available for more customers!

All the Reseller Limits features and improvements that were previously introduced to the cPanel users are now available in Plesk too. Now Plesk hosters can set limits for the resources each reseller can operate with and provide controls to the reseller on what resources each end user will have.


We encourage you to help us with beta testing and to install this feature on your servers. We’d be extremely grateful for any feedback provided!

Please note that to use Reseller Limits you would have to install kernel that supports the feature. The latest stable kernel with Reseller Limits support is 3.10.0-714.10.2.lve1.5.12 (we also recommend to try our newest beta kernel that includes Meltdown / Spectre fixes for Xen PV). If you use CloudLinux 6 kernel you would first have to migrate to a Hybrid kernel since the feature is only supported in CloudLinux 7 and CloudLinux 6 Hybrid kernels. Follow the instruction below to do so at

To find out more on how to operate Reseller Limits, please read this documentation article. We also recommend watching the CloudLinux Academy webinar where our CEO and Founder Igor Seletskiy reviews the Reseller Limits functionality.

If you've missed the previous Beta releases of the feature for cPanel and its advantages, please follow the links to check information on its Production release.

To install new beta from our update-testing repository, please use the following command:

yum update lvemanager lve-stats lve-utils alt-python27-cllib --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Please find a changelog below.


  • WEB-879: fixed title of reseller options for faults notify;
  • WEB-809: adapted the "Users" tab of reseller plugin in Plesk;
  • WEB-869: fixed an error while trying to open statistic frame for reseller with no limits on Plesk;
  • WEB-874: fixed report text in Resource Usage for CPU usage (DirectAdmin, user's plugin);
  • WEB-858: fixed an issue when sorting is not working;
  • WEB-884: fixed an error entry into LVE Manager plugin via direct link in Plesk's sidebar (wrong checking of csrftoken).


  • LU-460: NameMap is now used instead of ClPwd to get reseller id;
  • LVES-818: implemented reseller limits to lvectl for Plesk;
  • LU-572: missing user without package in 'getcontrolpaneluserspackages' commands (Plesk).


  • PTCLLIB-105: main domain is now first in 'userdomains' result (Plesk);
  • LVES-770: fixed an issue when cloudlirnux-top doesn't work on Plesk with reseller;
  • LU-448: implemented resellers method on Plesk.


  • LVES-878: fix for reseller historical usage request on Plesk;
  • LVES-846: fixed reseller's name field in cl-top and cl-stats (Plesk);
  • LVES-861: hoster's period is now used to notify reseller about user's faults.
Beta: Alt-PHP updated
MySQL for MySQL Governor updated

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