The first day of the New Year brought not only flowing champagne but also the formal end of support for Python 2.

At CloudLinux, we are getting ready for a new future with Python. We are migrating all Python 2 code to Python 3, for all our projects and packages, including the alt-python27-cllib package. In the first quarter of 2020, all packages written for Python 2 will be replaced by packages written for Python 3.

The alt-python27-cllib package (which uses Python 2) will be replaced by the alt-python-cllib package which uses Python 3.

Please note, we never announce CLI utilities code as a public API and do not recommend importing that code into our customers' own products.

To integrate with CloudLinux we recommend running our CLI utilities as a subprocess. You can find the examples of CLI commands here:

Please note that the customer's Python 2 applications will work as before in CloudLinux Python Selector.