CloudLinux - CloudLinux Blog - New versions of CageFS, liblve, python-cllib, lvemanager and lve-utils released to production

New versions of CageFS, liblve, python-cllib, lvemanager and lve-utils released to production

This is a major bugfix update that adds a handful of useful features. The main changes are: $USER_HOME/.cagefs is now owned by user, CL interface for cPanel has been translated to Spanish, Portuguese and Russian and lvectl now has --unlimited option that allows to set limits to "unlimited" for a particular LVE

  • .cagefs will be created under end-user ownership
  • detect of posgesql socket directory and create symlink if needed
  • cagefsctl: on update, don't follow sysmlinks that go to excluded path
  • do not chmod symlinks, unlink file and create directory instead
  • bugfix: do not create .cagefs directory for disabled users
  • spec: added dependency to python-cllib package
  • added /bin/mailx to mail.cfg
  • configure date.timezone option in alternative php.ini files
  • Make sure that EOL added at the last line of file
  • cPanel: ensure that PHP Selector settings are not lost after transfer of account
  • cPanel: restart cPanel after registering CageFS plugin
  • cPanel: Fix bugs when compiling suPHP & suexec binaries
  • cPanel: execute /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/templatepreview.cgi via proxyexec
  • DirectAdmin: switch php.ini for DirectAdmin when PHP Selector usedPlesk: do not add home directory into
  • ISPmanager: automatically switch PHP wrappers when PHP Selector is used (command line only)
  • ISPmanager: use exec php instead of php in wrappers
  • on service cagefs restart, remove /usr/share/cagefs/need.remount file
  • CXS re-configuration moved to
  • mount /opt/alt is needed on alt-php install
  • added support for NGASI
  • removed /var/run/proxyexec/cagefs.sock/skdir file
  • acquire lock while executing --update-etc, --force-update-etc, --setup-cl-selector
  • do not acquire lock when executing --enter
  • synchronize error_log option in alt-php php.ini based on native php.ini setting
  • cagefsctl: performance optimization (cache excluded users list)
  • use fchown/fchmod instead of chown/chmod when creating files
  • move common code into python-cllib package
  • Implemented secureio library to prevent possible race conditions
  • .cagefs now owned by user
  • bugfix: correct mounting for directories specified in
  • code clean up in parse_mp function
  • implemented common library for secureio to be used across different CL projects
  • common sudo functionality moved to Clsudo library
  • cPanel: localization for ES, PT, PT_BR & RU locales
  • cPanel: memory in user's interface is displayed in MB instead of KB
  • cPanel: Don't show inodes in end user UI in cPanel 11.40, fall back on cPanel to display the parameter
  • DirectAdmin: support for admin users with different login names
  • DirectAdmin: security enhancements
  • common CageFS and LVEManager code moved to separate package
  • DirectAdmin: removed 'GATEWAY_INTERFACE' env. check
  • ISPmanager: only admin can change LVE settings
  • ISPmanager: bugfix for the case when all domains are removed
  • ISPmanager: use correct permissions when displaying charts for end user
  • sudoers functionality moved to python-cllib
  • bugfix: cl-selector ignores empty lines in config files
  • Plesk: Use ftp_user to decide which user to select for accounts with multiple sub-users
  • cl-quota: added logging to syslog
  • piniset: added 'append' and 'delete' command line options
  • Improved formatting in lvetop
  • bugfix: do not generate an error if admin email cannot be retrieved on non-cPanel servers
  • bugfix: specify exact path to sysctl binary
  • Added CloudLinux diagnostic script
  • Added option --unlimited to lvectl
  • cPanel: correctly handle packages/extensions directory
  • Default virtual memory on CL6 is set to 0

To update:
$ yum update cagefs lvemanager liblve lve-utils
beta: lve-utils, CageFS update
Beta: lvemanager 0.7-1.32, cagefs 5.2-10, lve-util...


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Tuesday, 07 April 2020

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