Today, I’m here to tell you that our well-known client PHP Selector is ready for Beta. It now has an updated UI, and improved usability for our valuable cPanel users.
First of all, you can see a preview of the new icon for the client PHP Selector in cPanel on the announcement cover image—so you can easily find it.

And here is a preview of the new UI.

PHP Selector preview

A simple, clear, and user-friendly UI lets you have more cups of tea or coffee instead of clicking, choosing, scrolling, and entering.


We have added an autosave feature. So, when you tick boxes while editing options—no more additional scrolling and clicking—enjoy it!

PHP Selector UI

How to update

No need to do anything—client PHP Selector will be updated automatically with the LVE Manager update.

To update, run:

yum update lvemanager --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To downgrade, run:

yum downgrade lvemanage


lvemanager 4.2.1-1