LVE Manager update — we've disabled ImunifyAV pre-installed

In our latest production release of LVE Manager, our ImunifyAV malware scanner came pre-installed. Although it worked fine in Beta without any questions or comments, some of our customers are not happy with ImunifyAV being pre-installed in production (even though ImunifyAV lets you scan your system for malware and viruses automatically).

We value our customers' opinions so in this release of LVE Manager we've disabled ImunifyAV pre-installed. In the future, we are planning to implement ImunifyAV as an optional feature, as it is a great free scanning tool that improves server security.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences related to ImunifyAV coming pre-installed in LVE Manager.
If you are not happy with ImunifyAV in your LVE Manager, you can uninstall it using these instructions.



To update, run:

yum update lvemanager

To downgrade, run:

yum downgrade lvemanager