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KuberDock-powered dockerized application hosting comes to Europe!

KuberDock-powered dockerized application hosting comes to Europe!

We are happy to introduce INTRAWEB, the first hosting provider in Europe that brought to market applications powered by the CloudLinux’s KuberDock platform. Now the web hosting customers can easily choose and deploy any of 100K+ dockerized applications that the service makes available.

As you might know, KuberDock supports multi-tenant environments for hosting Docker containers, offering a library of predefined applications as well as provides an easy access to thousands of dockerized apps.

We launched KuberDock six months ago, in March 2016, and it is currently being tested and deployed in more than 20 countries. INTRAWEB was among the first our partners who successfully launched the platform to their customers. Since 2010, INTRAWEB has been offering cutting-edge hosting and web development services in Greece, and most recently expanding beyond its borders.

True to its nature of innovation, INTRAWEB has invested in KuberDock for two reasons:

  1. Docker applications have a momentum and provide a great opportunity to expand their services

  2. It is easy for a non-skilled person to enjoy his or her favorite software on dedicated resources.

As Christos Tsafaroglou, CEO and Founder of INTRAWEB told us, the platform has a high potential and they even can combine it with their shared hosting services via cloud infrastructure.

Our team is excited that the opportunities that KuberDock gives to hosting providers are much in demand and we hope to hear (and share) more on the results of recent deployment of the technology from INTRAWEB soon.

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Tuesday, 07 April 2020

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