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KernelCare for CentOS & RHEL 7

KernelCare is now available for CentOS & RHEL 7 kernels.
Latest CentOS / RHEL kernels can be patched against privilege escalation vulnerability CVE-2014-4943. Other supported kernels were patched against it last week

CVEs: CVE-2014-4943

Systems with AUTO_UPDATE=True (DEFAULT) in /etc/sysconfig/kcare/kcare.conf will automatically update, and no action is needed for them.

You can manually update the server by running:
# /usr/bin/kcarectl --update

CVE-2014-4943 kernel: net: pppol2tp: level handling in pppol2tp_[s,g]etsockopt()
A flaw in the Linux kernel allowing an unprivileged user to escalate to kernel privilege when CONFIG_PPPOL2TP is enabled.
Minor bugfix release: lve-stats 0.10-31.1
KernelCare - new privilege escalation vulnerabilit...

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