Imunify360 now protects against zero-day attacks, powered by the Wallarm machine learning engine

I am pleased to share that Wallarm’s technology now helps defend our Imunify360 customers’ web applications against zero-day attacks. It analyzes huge troves of Web traffic looking for anomalies and detects ongoing zero-day attacks before they even become known to the public. It then automatically creates rules that block those attacks in real-time.

Before going live with this technology, we have evaluated several vendors for this functionality and have conducted extensive testing with a subset of servers running Imunify360. We’ve seen multiple attacks blocked by Wallarm ruleset, with zero false positives. This ability to generate high-quality no-false-positives ruleset against zero-day attacks in an automated fashion, precisely why we selected Wallarm instead of other vendors, is truly impressive and will greatly benefit our customers.

Wallarm’s proprietary machine learning engine generates rules on-the-fly based on traffic patterns found on the Web. It continuously analyzes application calls and payloads to generate and update security rulesets, which are then used to inform mod_security blocking and monitoring rules. This distinguishes Wallarm from other offerings where the signatures are created manually.

Imunify360 combines Wallarm's signatures with its herd immunity engine to achieve significantly higher detection rate against web application attacks by botnets, while providing very low false positive rates. The technology allows to detect attacks that are yet to be known by other security vendors, against vulnerabilities in web applications that might not be even known to anyone but the attacker.

Imunify360 is already protecting hundreds of thousands of sites against many types of attacks, and now Wallarm will help greatly extend the number of websites Imunify360 will be defending.

You can learn more about Imunify360 here. To learn more about Wallarm, you can visit this page.