We are pleased to announce that the new Imunify360 version 4.1.0-7 is now available for download from our production repository.

Please note that we're rolling out the release gradually. It will be available for all customers in a week.


  • Automatic Scheduled/Background Malware Scanning

    Many of our users have been waiting for automatic, scheduled, background scanning of user accounts. It’s now here. You decide the interval, day and time of scanning. We will be adding scan result notifications in later versions.

    Automatic Scheduled/Background Malware Scanning

  • Multi-Server Dashboard

    There’s now an easy way to monitor the security incidents and alerts for all your servers from a single place in the Dashboard. To use it, log in and add servers to a list. You can then switch between servers to see incident charts for the past day, week or month.

    Multi-Server Dashboard

  • Administration Contacts Input Form

    By entering their email address in a simple form, system administrators can now receive email reports about critical issues, security alerts or system misconfigurations detected on registered servers. Note: These email addresses are used ONLY for receiving server reports.

    Administration Contacts Input Form

  • Reworked license activation page for Plesk installation

    For users of the Plesk control panel, we’ve redesigned the license activation screen.

    Reworked license activation page for Plesk installation

  • Agent Watch Dog

    There’s now a Watch Dog component that monitors the Imunify360 service to make sure it runs smoothly.

  • Proactive Defense improvements

    Imunify360’s component architecture has been optimized with new rules for detecting malicious PHP calls found by The Blamer.

  • WebShield component optimization

    In the IP database, we’ve replaced Radix Tries with LPC Tries to improve the performance of WebShield. We also changed the traffic redirection approach from REDIRECT to DNAT to fix issues with redirection. These changes fix issues with traffic redirection and improve the performance of WebShield.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed product installation for Plesk panel.
  • Fixed security flaw during malware cleanup.
  • Removed a counter of threats appearing in the malware scanner’s scanning results and fixed scanning report.
  • Some other fixes that improved overall stability and performance.

How to install

To install the new Imunify360 version 4.1.0-7, please follow the instructions in the documentation.

How to upgrade

  • CentOS/CloudLinux systems:
yum update imunify360-firewall
  • Ubuntu systems:
apt-get update
apt-get install --only-upgrade imunify360-firewall

Stay in touch

  • If you encounter any problems with the product, please send a request to our Imunify360 support team via
  • We appreciate any feedback or feature-requests regarding Imunify360 via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+ Changelog


  • DEF-6567: Imunify360 Agent Watch Dog;
  • DEF-7080: compare implementations for storing IPs, subnets & extra data;
  • DEF-7431: do not disable ClamAV scan when hiding its results;
  • DEF-7526: WCAG - improve tests coverage for A level & add tests for AA;
  • DEF-7573: make WebShield use new LPC tries functionality;
  • DEF-7633: open source ImunifyAV UI - EULA should only be a part of ImunifyAV+;
  • DEF-7634: open source ImunifyAV UI - handle a case when ImunifyAV+ is registered, but cleanup code is not installed yet;
  • DEF-7635: open source ImunifyAV UI - check sources for any information that we might not want to open source;
  • DEF-7637: refactor news component for new feature;
  • DEF-7668: requesting admin contacts;
  • DEF-7676: add explicit dependency on clamav-data;
  • DEF-7685: WebShield: upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream;
  • DEF-7708: cleanup after removing malicious field from malware on-demand list;
  • DEF-7736: show only latest scan threats in User list;
  • DEF-7776: speed up Imunify360 installation: optimize getdb import;
  • DEF-7793: Multi-Server Dashboard - UI;
  • DEF-7856: clean Proactive table in DataBase periodically with same rules as incidents;
  • DEF-7863: improve license page;
  • DEF-7880: add debug info about problems with “Already running instance of agent”;
  • DEF-7892: Multi-Server Dashboard - server;
  • DEF-7893: Malware Scanner - Background/Scheduled Scanning;
  • DEF-7897: Malware Scanner - Background/Scheduled Scanning - UI;
  • DEF-7909: Obtain admin contact from panel;
  • DEF-7943: requesting admin contact - config;
  • DEF-7948: Imunify360 Cleanup File - Arbitrary File Overwrite;
  • DEF-7953: AI-Bolit - Do not load while running AI-BOLIT;
  • DEF-8002: send IP addresses to the WebDhield shared memory as addresses;
  • DEF-8024: align the Dashboard data with the start of the day in client's timezone - UI;
  • DEF-8032: EULA update;
  • DEF-8045: fix upload to MRS.

Bug fixes

  • DEF-5836: ['/usr/sbin/cagefsctl', '--update-etc', 'towthatc'] failed with rc [1];
  • DEF-5955: IntegrityError: columns network_address, netmask, version are not unique;
  • DEF-5990: ValueError: Broken message in ossec json log: {“rule”:{“level”:3,“group”:“dovecot,authentication_success,”,“c...;
  • DEF-6166: eula update error: aiohttp error for url;
  • DEF-6765: remove _check_modsec from conflicts plugin;
  • DEF-6957: reproduce & fix “Installing Imunify360 breaks OWASP configuration”;
  • DEF-6970: do not try to add modsec vendor if it already exists in cPanel;
  • DEF-7085: CheckRunError: Command ipset add i360.ipv4.graylist timeout 43199 -exist returned non-zero code 1,;
  • DEF-7363: CheckRunError: Command /usr/sbin/httpd -M returned non-zero code 1,;
  • DEF-7440: sometimes agent doesn't stopped properly.;
  • DEF-7612: JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0);
  • DEF-7665: command `csf --restartall` performs long and sometimes fails;
  • DEF-7680: Plesk: Imunify360 extension installation issues;
  • DEF-7681: message sometimes printed incorrectly in logs;
  • DEF-7743: fix instantiate-vm.ts script - it hangs sometimes;
  • DEF-7758: fix country translation in group delete confirmation dialog in blacklist;
  • DEF-7773: fix reporter;
  • DEF-7778: we shouldn't send an event in Sentry for 401 responses;
  • DEF-7802: Imunify360 can hang during startup due to CSF integration;
  • DEF-7861: WHMAPIException: whmapi getpkginfo command failed: Failed to load package “Cloud I”: No such file or directory;
  • DEF-7865: Imunify360 can break Apache config on Plesk during uninstall;
  • DEF-7879: IP addresses in ipset and WebShield are not in sync;
  • DEF-7980: Imunify360 Restore Original File - Arbitrary File Overwrite;
  • DEF-8068: fix styles for input in the Dashboard;
  • DEF-8096: make sure files over 2MB are uploadable via WebShield;
  • DEF-8142: quarantine file is partially overwritten on reinfection;
  • DEF-8165: increase priorities for CaptchaDosAlert & SynclistResponse messages;
  • DEF-8189: TypeError: sequence item 10914: expected str instance, NoneType found;
  • DEF-7230: removed threats are still listed;
  • DEF-7732: i360 already loaded error;
  • DEF-7777: bug report, around 1k emails are marked as infected.;
  • DEF-7781: cleaning the files in the interface does not work;
  • DEF-7871: hide “Quarantine” option in “Status” filter in Malicious files list in ImunifyAV;
  • DEF-7991: Imunify360 errors and fails to start after update;
  • DEF-8033: broken Dashboard interface on Firefox 56;
  • DEF-8041: old links in UI;
  • DEF-8058: [Errno 24] Too many open files;
  • DEF-8086: Imunify360 not visible in DirectAdmin in template Evolutiuon;
  • DEF-8101: V/v malware ignore delete in Malware scanner;
  • DEF-8279 fixed email validator;
  • DEF-8169 fixed Plesk extension version on Ubuntu;
  • DEF-8362: added "PATH" to cron job.