Imunify360 3.8.6 is here

We are pleased to announce that a new, updated Imunify360 version 3.8.6 is now available. This latest version embodies further improvements of the product as well as fixes.

Should you encounter any problems with the product, or have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact our support team at the Imunify360 department. We’d be more than happy to help.

The major fixes and improvements are listed as follows. Please find the full changelog below.

Important note: We no longer support Plesk 12.5.



How to upgrade

To upgrade Imunify360 on CentOS/CloudLinux systems, run the command:

yum update imunify360-firewall

To upgrade Imunify360 on Ubuntu systems, run the command:

apt-get update && apt-get install --only-upgrade imunify360-firewall

How to install

To install the new Imunify360 version 3.8.6, please follow the instructions in the documentation.

+ Changelog

  • DEF-6242: fixed an issue when FTP scanner did not always correctly switch on;
  • DEF-6721: do not throw "is already in BLACK list" error if TTL is negative;
  • DEF-6809: fixed whitelisting on cPanel login;
  • DEF-6827: fixed cleanup behavior on changed files;
  • DEF-6906: fixed an issue with adding to Black List IPs from the Ignore List ignored;
  • DEF-6318: the log directory is added to Ignore List;
  • DEF-6822: accepted translations for Plesk extension description;
  • DEF-6480: investigated why wsshdict is causing high load;
  • DEF-6616: fixed an issue with creating a temporary file in /var/imunify360/tmp/ during malware scanning;
  • DEF-5819: removed old HardenedPHP repos;
  • DEF-6092: fixed FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/xxxxx/public_html/storage/cache/cache.catalog.lang…;
  • DEF-6132: fixed an issue when on old SQLite, some queries take too long;
  • DEF-6230: fixed the OperationalError: too many SQL variables;
  • DEF-6241: added sudo in requirements of imunify360-firewall-directadmin;
  • DEF-6410: fixed an issue when Imunify360-webshield-ipdetect crashes on invalid dedicated IPs;
  • DEF-6427: Plesk feedback: No need to use special sbin call get_username to access the Plesk database;
  • DEF-6539: On-demand scan start should wait until scan is started;
  • DEF-6603: investigated an issue why munify360 sometimes breaks nginx configuration;
  • DEF-6604: fixed “Migration 107 fails”;
  • DEF-6606: fixed TypeError: n.messages.join is not a function. (In 'n.messages.join(",")', 'n.messages.join' is undefined);
  • DEF-6607: invalidate i18n files cache with every new release;
  • DEF-6623: fixed Plesk extension files in rpm/deb packages;
  • DEF-6693: fixed the TypeError: object bool can't be used in 'await' expression;
  • DEF-6694: fixed the ValueError: None does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 network;
  • DEF-6704: fixed an error occurred when agent was not stopped by update;
  • DEF-6755: fixed ignore for malware_hashes in on-demand scan;
  • DEF-6771: fixed duplicated entries in backend-destinations.conf;
  • DEF-6073: known remote proxies are now configured automatically;
  • DEF-6150: added WebShield shared memory logs to sentry;
  • DEF-6262: disabled logging of whitelisted files by hash filter;
  • DEF-6355: covered scan queue and user list with RPM-tests;
  • DEF-6541: ClamAV false-positives in ImunifyAV;
  • DEF-6614: added support in WebShield for non-SNI HTTP requests;
  • DEF-6757: we no longer support Plesk 12.5;
  • DEF-6269: enabled RPM-tests for Proactive Defense on DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-6735: disabled TestRail reporting for RPM-tests;
  • DEF-6788: stubbed bin file provision procedure for Imunify360 version 3.8;
  • DEF-6719: bumped webshield to version 1.5-5;
  • DEF-5954: fixed an issue with cPanel license in RPM-test environment;
  • DEF-6013: fixed an issue with “Failing step: And hardened-php is installed within 900 secs ... failed in 1345.902s”;
  • DEF-6240: test_modsec_rule_disabled_for_domain failed (RPM tests);
  • DEF-6550: fixed on_demand.symlinks RPM-test;
  • DEF-6627: fixture "malware_sample" called directly;
  • DEF-6630: investigated and fixed why test_proactive* failed in i360-nightly rpm test on multiple configurations (wrong sample);
  • DEF-6725: fixed HTTPError: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url:;
  • DEF-6744: fixed test_malware.test_ondemand_queue.TestQueuePut.test_put_consecutive[put1] fails;
  • DEF-6753: fixed an issue with “Failing step: And all quarantined files in on-demand scan match pattern */hashes/black.txt ... failed in 5.828s”;
  • DEF-6754: fixed an issue when Proactive Defense events are not found for w19;
  • DEF-6759: fixed “test_malware.test_ondemand_queue.TestQueuePut.test_put_single_command[put1] (from pytest)”;
  • DEF-6786:investigated and fixed why test_proactive* failed on DirectAdmin: requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', RemoteDisconnected('Remote end closed connection without response',));
  • DEF-6355: covered scan queue and user list with RPM-tests;
  • Proactive Defense segfault fixes;
  • Proactive Defence DirectAdmin native module installation.
  • DEF-6024: write-back is not possible: connection lost;
  • DEF-6040: sentry: investigate & fix SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "..." from accessing a cross-origin frame;
  • DEF-6108: incorrect SIGTERM handling during plugins activation;
  • DEF-6112: PleskAPIException: PleskAPI exception: [error = Access to API is disabled for], xml-response: ?xml versio...;
  • DEF-6140: PanelException: No avaliable control panel found!;
  • DEF-6196: proxied requests to webshield considered captcha requests;
  • DEF-6198: operationalError: too many SQL variables;
  • DEF-6323: OSSEC rules;
  • DEF-6349: WebshieldDictException: send error: 'str' object has no attribute 'hostmask';
  • DEF-6385: fix issue with productName in translations
  • DEF-6425: adding to blacklist with ttl 'whitelists' IP forewer
  • DEF-6426: fixed styles issues revealed by new translations
  • DEF-6462: fixed - long responses from the agent shouldn't be cut
  • DEF-6119: specify minimal alt-python version required by imunify360-agent
  • DEF-5881: CloudFlare support
  • DEF-5937: control panel admin should be whitelisted when he logs into cPanel
  • DEF-5939: country whitelisting
  • DEF-5962: release new Imunify360 version to Plesk Marketplace
  • DEF-5977: install mod_remoteip automatically for all customers
  • DEF-5984: implement config file updating forced by server push
  • DEF-5992: gather statistics (same as Revisium does)
  • DEF-6029: sort/filter malicious files by status by default
  • DEF-6056: i18n - support RTL languages - part 2
  • DEF-6066: display domain name for modsec incidents in UI
  • DEF-6075: naming of Imunify (Scan/Clean/360)
  • DEF-6127: add time limit to global/group unblock rule
  • DEF-6133: refactor
  • DEF-6158: fixed drag&drop for mat-slider and mat-slider-toggle
  • DEF-6204: use angular material for tooltips
  • DEF-6257: remove validation of history event name, add global i18n validation with reporting to sentry
  • DEF-6275: review translations
  • DEF-6317: add features-management for av+ - ui part