CloudLinux 6 kernel version 2.6.32-954.3.5.lve1.4.71 is now available for download from our production repository.


  • CKSIX-231: CVE-2019-1125: x86/speculation: Prepare entry code for Spectre v1 swapgs
  • CKSIX-231: CVE-2019-1125: x86/speculation: Enable Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations
  • Revert "CKSIX-227: fixed KABI breakage after TCP SACK patches" - fixed KABI
  • CKSIX-230: add the reserved_tairoom to the end
  • KMODLVE-273: stable-1.5 build failure
  • KMODLVE-255: additional debugging for lve integrity
  • KMODLVE-263: create vs destroy race
  • KMODLVE-259: do not spam with killer fault messages

Update command

yum install kernel-2.6.32-954.3.5.lve1.4.71.el6