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CloudLinux 6.8 released

CloudLinux 6.8 released

We are happy to announce general availability of CloudLinux 6.8. The actual release corresponds to RHEL 6.8 release of a week ago.


CloudLinux 6.8

  • added SMBIOS 3.0.0 support to dmidecode;
  • added smart cards support along with a number of new capabilities and disabled SSLv2 support to sssd;
  • added TLSv1.2 support for a number of applications (OpenLDAP, yum, stunnel, vsftpd, git, postfix and others), TLSv1.2 enabled by default in various packages;
  • replaced libreswan with openswan as VPN endpoint solution (added support for NetworkManager);
  • added elliptic-curve parameters support for applications (Perl Net:SSLeay, Perl IO::Socket::SSL);
  • added chrony as alternative to NTPd;
  • squid 3.1 updated up to squid 3.4;
  • disabled  insecure protocols (SSLv3 and older), added more configuration options to select the desired protocol to packages;
  • rebased a number of packages to more current versions (elfutils, SystemTap, ipmitool, memtest86+, icedtea-web, shadow utils, virt-who and others).

Please follow the link to download CloudLinux 6.8 ISO image:

For installation follow the instructions on the link:

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