A new updated cldeploy script version 1.54 is now available for download from the CloudLinux repository https://repo.cloudlinux.com/cloudlinux/sources/cln/cldeploy.

With this script you can easily convert existing servers from CentOS 6.x or 7.x to CloudLinux 6 or 7 OS. The process takes a few minutes and replaces just a handful of RPMs.

Note: If you have an old script, the next execution provides the ability to download the new updated script.


  • WEB-1554: Installation of DirectAdmin after CloudLinux results in errors in LVE Manager
  • CLDEPLOY-99: Print the name of module it's failing during cldeploy
  • CLDEPLOY-101: Check username against 'clsudoers' before allowing CloudLinux to be installed
  • CLDEPLOY-102 Add the db_governor uninstallation to cldeploy -c
  • CLDEPLOY-103: Consider removing all CloudLinux packages during uninstallation

More information and details about cldeploy script you can find in the documentation.