Today, CloudLinux OS team and I personally are excited to let you know about releasing a new anticipated mechanism (draft documentation) that allows you to integrate CloudLinux OS components into any (and here I mean each and every control panel no matter what programming language it is written) control panel. And I’m excited because this can bring you a lot of new opportunities and prospects!

We’re also keen to know what you think and how this mechanism is performing.
We encourage you to give your feedback via the helpdesk or in the comments below.

Here’s a short description of the integration mechanism (draft documentation)

To integrate CloudLinux OS into a control panel, you should implement the following interfaces required by the CloudLinux OS utilities:

  • CPAPI — a small scripts/files-type interface to get the required information from the control panel
  • CP Hooks integration — a set of the CloudLinux OS scripts/commands. Control panel calls this set in response to its internal events
  • Web UI integration (optional) — various configuration parameters and scripts to embed interface SPA application into the control panel native interface. Optional, if CLI is enough
  • CageFS integration — some changes may be required in the config files to work and integrate with CageFS
  • Apache modules integration — we provide control panels with the ability to build their own Apache packages with modules such as alt-mod-passenger, mod_lsapi, mod_hostinglimits
  • MySQL Governor integration
  • HardenedPHP integration

You can find the full CloudLinux OS and control panel integration guide (draft) in our documentation.