New updated LVE Manager, LVE-Utils, CageFS, LibLVE, and LVE-Stats packages are now available for download from our updates-testing repository.

Release notes:

  • In WEB-1415 we hid limits that are not faulted from LVE Faults Email Notifications.



  • LU-1235: Wizard should handle "ea-apache24-mod-alt-passenger" unavailability due to repo issues;
  • LU-1232: removed unnecessary warnings in cldiag messages;
  • LU-1190: created manuals for fixing issues found by cldiag; see here.


  • CAG-835: prevent multiple processes from taking lock and setting up CageFS.


  • CAG-835: bump liblve requirement to bring latest fixes;
  • WEB-1346: replaced copyrights in control panel plugins in DirectAdmin;
  • Reverted "LVEMAN-1425: PHP breaks after updating";
  • CAG-903: added /usr/share/man read-only mount to CageFS by default;
  • CAG-889: added PHP session mounts on new ea-php version installation.


  • WEB-1456: fixed LVE Manager width for DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-1397: show message if a server should be rebooted after migration from CentOS;
  • WEB-1254: applied correct color to circle when "hitting limits" counters display 0/0 (corner case);
  • WEB-1431: confirm dialog on skip Wizard;
  • WEB-1416: page number icon on Statistics History page can not be used to navigate;
  • WEB-1346: replaced copyrights in control panel plugins in DirectAdmin;
  • WEB-1371: set version of plugin in DirectAdmin while prepare rpm package;
  • WEB-1422: check ready to Angular template in cPanel;
  • WEB-1413: show error "Wizard broken" if Wizard status returns error;
  • WEB-1328: fixed tab changing process;
  • WEB-1336: fixed styles for DirectAdmin (katalon tests);
  • WEB-1336: fixed styles for DirectAdmin.


  • LU-1141: our utils are broken when Sentry is down;
  • WEB-1415: customized table in lve-stats-2 notifications (GMail app\Phone).

To update, run:

yum update lvemanager lve-utils cagefs lve-stats liblve --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

To downgrade, run:

yum downgrade lvemanager lve-utils cagefs lve-stats liblve