New updated LVE Manager, CageFS, and Alt-Python27-cllib packages are now available for download from our updates-testing repository.

Release notes

  • Portuguese Brazil localization is available in cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk interface both for an admin and a user.
  • Admin and user can now select how many items show in the tables in the LVE Manager interface.
  • Admin can now download CageFS log after init\update operation from the LVE Manager → Options tab
  • Admin can now have access to the UserVoice page from the news block in the LVE Manager interface
  • Users can now run Python script from the Python Selector UI



  • WEB-1627: Do not convert language files to JavaScript
  • WEB-1605: Add translation to Portuguese Brazil
  • WEB-1598: Port localization files from YAML to JSON
  • WEB-1649: Add an ability to choose row count in user statistics
  • WEB-619: Add the possibility to remove pagination or change the number of items on a page
  • WEB-1623: Remove cPanel API1 using from Ruby Selector
  • WEB-1232: Show log while initializing CageFS and updating skeleton
  • WEB-1627: Do not convert language files to JavaScript (part 2)
  • WEB-1616: Add an ability to download CageFS log files
  • WEB-1643: Create status notification if ClickHouse is not available
  • WEB-1663: Add a link to the UserVoice page to LVE Manager
  • WEB-1659: Ignore startup errors when build PHP extension cache
  • WEB-1490: Add an ability to run Python script from Python selector UI
  • WEB-1680: Fix new Resource Usage plugin breaking after cPanel update


  • WEB-1651: Add information about the old CageFS UI deprecation
  • CAG-993: Add scl-utils package to CageFS by default; improve the cagefsctl --enter command
  • CAG-988: Migrate the CageFS code to a universal Python 2/3 code (stage1)
  • WEB-1681: Do not use Lang.php in the CageFS plugin


  • PTCLLIB-181 Fix charset when getting data from the Plesk database

Update command

yum update lvemanager cagefs --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Downgrade command

yum downgrade lvemanager alt-python27-cllib cagefs cagefs-safebin --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing