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Beta: Imunify360 3.1.0 is here

Beta: Imunify360 3.1.0 is here

We are pleased to announce that a new updated beta Imunify360 version 3.1.0 is now available. This latest version embodies further improvements of the product as well as the new features. The most notable features are as follows.

DirectAdmin support

All Imunify360 features – advanced firewall, malware scanning, IDS/IPS protection, reputation management, and much more – are now fully integrated into DirectAdmin.


  • DEF-3179: created an HTML form to submit support ticket through Zendesk API (agent part);
  • DEF-3690: modified a malware submission tool to send files via HTTP to server;
  • DEF-3753: Malware files are now uploaded to MRS;
  • DEF-3928: created a plugin for processing MALWARE_RESPONSE;
  • DEF-4153: added agent protobuf support;
  • DEF-4165: clarified an option "Automatically send suspicious files for analysis" (agent);
  • DEF-4197: added checkbox to settings for SEND_ADDITIONAL_DATA;
  • DEF-4239: added an ability to specify the order of data in agent's methods (sort by/order by);
  • DEF-4281: added support R1Soft on Imunify360 Client side;
  • DEF-4325: added Mod_security rules installation support for DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4326: added Inotify home directories scanner support for DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4371: added support for users hash signatures;
  • DEF-4374: increased max_elem for ipsets;
  • DEF-4391: graylist cache is not used anymore;
  • DEF-4393: IP is now stored in database as integer;
  • DEF-4394: blocked IPs are now cleaned up on agent side when a subnet contained those addresses is added to graylist;
  • DEF-4416: optimized ServerPush/Synclist handling;
  • DEF-4425: on-demand scan progress is now displayed in UI, backend part;
  • DEF-4428: updated dashboard attacks chart command with support for multiple queries;
  • DEF-4446: allowed any whitespace between arguments in behave scenarios;
  • DEF-4466: added Intensity flag for on-demand scan settings;
  • DEF-4491: added Imunify360 Agent restart after cloudlinux-backup-utils was updated;
  • DEF-4511: fixed extension layer in DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4661: added "coerce" to malware on-demand CLI schema definition;
  • DEF-4662: updated RPM tests to look for 'IP/32 is BLOCKED' in console.log;
  • DEF-4663: fixed an issue when RPM test 'Scan can be executed using file/path pattern' fails on Plesk;
  • DEF-4727: if mod_security is not installed during Imunify360 installation it will be installed automatically using custombuild;
  • DEF-4231: improved an access to the HardenedPHP repo;
  • DEF-4364: dicts() method of SelectQuery is now used when retrieving IPs from database;
  • DEF-4402: only necessary fields are fetched from database during restore of ipsets;
  • DEF-4419: optimized plugins.graylist.process_synclist_response;
  • DEF-4538: added path of attachment validation in support request via CLI;
  • DEF-4690: added RPM tests for Malware Response Agent on demand part;
  • DEF-4499: optimized intermediate Python collections to store huge amounts of IP addresses;
  • DEF-4728: checked that mod_security audit log parsing works fine on DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4327: added reputation manager support for DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4729: added FTP scans support for DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4533: implemented new features of Malware Scanner;
  • DEF-4595: added support DirectAdmin backup backend on the Imunify360 Client.


  • DEF-3766: fixed an issue when TTL field is empty if error occurs while removing;
  • DEF-4549: fixed caching of the front-end;
  • DEF-4547: fixed Malware Scanner Quarantine Escape;
  • DEF-4561: fixed Malware Scanner checking bypass;
  • DEF-4603: fixed signatures update error;
  • DEF-4657: fixed TypeError: argument of type 'int' is not iterable;
  • DEF-4701: fixed TypeError: argument should be a path or str object, not <class 'bytes'="">;
  • DEF-4710: fixed an Error: (2, 'No such file or directory');
  • DEF-4723: fixed an issue with "Migration failed: 029_custom_quarantine";
  • DEF-4730: fixed broken integration tests;
  • DEF-4738: fixed AttributeError: module 'defence360agent.internals.geo' has no attribute 'get_id';
  • DEF-4745: fixed an issue when database is locked during upgrade;
  • DEF-4746: fixed peewee.OperationalError: no such column: t1.quarantine_file;
  • DEF-4750: fixed AttributeError: module 'defence360agent.internals.geo' has no attribute 'get_id';
  • DEF-4754: fixed AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'open' ;
  • DEF-3521: fixed FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/bin/clamscan';
  • DEF-4624: fixed an error when the set with the given name does not exist;
  • DEF-4328: added https support for Captcha on DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4684: fixed an issue when blacklist country list command does not work;
  • DEF-4741: fixed errors during update from version 3.0.4-3;
  • DEF-3775: UI fixes for DirectAdmin;
  • DEF-4806: Imunify360 restart during upgrade does not now depend on locale;
  • DEF-4799: fixed an error during install from scratch on DirectAdmin.

To install the new beta Imunify360 version 3.1.0 please follow the instructions in the documentation.

The upgrading is available since Imunify360 version 2.0-19.

To upgrade Imunify360, please run the command:

yum update imunify360-firewall --enablerepo=imunify360-testing

More information on Imunify360 can be found here.

Imunify360 now supports DirectAdmin
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