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Beta: CloudLinux 7 hybrid with 4.18 kernel


I’m very happy to announce that CloudLinux 7 hybrid kernel version 4.18.0-80.7.2 is now available for download from our updates-testing repository. And I should mention that this is the last distribution ready to go the production after the beta testing.

As you may know from our previous announcement, we had some unsupported and not implemented features. For some of them, we have made a decision. For others — still discussing.

Regarding OOM killer and СPU boost, we have conducted some tests that show the high performance of the native OOM killer and СPU boost, so we have decided to leave them native in the classic 4.18 kernel. And we are keeping up to speed and in the future, we will probably improve them considering your feedback.

We also notify you that Symlink Owner Match Protection is now enabled by default (before, it was disabled by default). And the /etc/sysctl.conf parameter proc_can_see_other_uid is the same as in CloudLinux 7 now (before, it was more restrictive, see details here).


  • KMODLVE-271: lookup kmodlve in weak-updates dir
  • KMODLVE-167: filechange API, part 3
  • KMODLVE-247: procfs access fix
  • KMODLVE-000: uapi cleanup
  • KMODLVE-263: create vs destroy race
  • KMODLVE-167: filechange API, part 4
  • KMODLVE-259: do not spam with killer fault messages
  • KMODLVE-205: protect LVE cgroups from external removal
  • KMODLVE-257: use current mount ns root during symlink target lookup

Update command

yum update kernel kmod-lve

How to install

The process of converting from standard to hybrid CloudLinux OS 7 is the same as for version 6. You can read about it here.

  1. First, install CloudLinux OS 7.
  2. Next, run the following commands as root.
    yum update rhn-client-tools rhn-check rhn-setup --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing normal-to-hybrid reboot
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