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Beta: Alt-PHP updated

Beta: Alt-PHP updated

We have updated Alt-PHP versions that might cause issues when used without CageFS & PHPSelector.

If you are using PHPSelector - you WILL NOT be affected.

The changes were made to simplify usage of Alt-PHP without PHPSelector & CageFS.

Updated packages:


Alt-PHP was reconfigured to look for ini-files in /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/link/conf directory.

Without CageFS:

/opt/alt/phpXX/etc/link/conf is a symlink to /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.d, so all ini-files in /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.d will be automatically used by alt-php

/opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.d contains default.ini file with basic PHP extensions (mbstring, gd, posix, sockets, fileinfo, etc.). These extensions are disabled by default, but they can be enabled manually (just remove ';' at the beginning of the line) or with Plesk PHP Settings interface (for Plesk users).
/opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.d/default.ini will not be overwritten by alt-php updates - all changes will remain after update.

With CageFS:

inside CageFS /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/link/conf links to /etc/cl.php.d/alt-phpXX.PHP Selector uses /etc/cl.php.d/alt-phpXX/alt_php.ini as before, so, inside CageFS new Alt-PHP packages work as before.

For Plesk users:

Alt-PHP packages detect Plesk Web Hosting Panel and automatically create PHP handlers

To update or install run the command:

yum groupinstall alt-php --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
Beta: mod_lsapi updated
Beta: LVEManager updated to 1.0-9.8

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