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We value talent

CloudLinux provides interesting and challenging work for people who love technology. Our team creates advanced and innovative products based on widely used technologies like Python, cGroups, Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, and more. At CloudLinux, you have the opportunity to develop your skills while working on exciting projects alongside the best minds in the industry.

Average size of our technical team is 6 employees

We are growing at a rate of five new employees per month

Our average employee works with CloudLinux for 3.5 years

The best fit

We work hard to ensure the ideal fit between prospective employees and our company. To make sure we make no mistakes, which would jeopardize your future and our growth, prospective employees go through an extensive and careful vetting process. That process includes multiple conversations with different team members, during which you can ask any questions you may have. Our average team member works at CloudLinux for 3.5 years, learning and growing his or her potential.

Discover new possibilities for your professional and personal growth with CloudLinux!


We pay close attention to our employees’ professional growth and actively contribute to each team member’s development. Mentoring starts on day one when a more experienced “mentor” is assigned to each new hire to help them adapt to the company and provide helpful advice. Mentors introduce new employees to teams, projects, and technologies. We strongly believe that mentoring is good for both the newcomer and the mentor because it helps build relationships and raises the professional bar for both parties.

Skills Upgrading

We encourage our employees to fully realize their potential, and provide many opportunities for them to gain new knowledge in the industry. Our employees choose their projects and can try different programming languages. Each of our specialists can apply for special courses and workshops or participate in conferences at the company’s expense. When our employees are actively learning about the latest technologies and market trends and are sharing experiences with the best minds in the industry, it helps our company grow, improve, and achieve our goals.

Tech Talks

Which technical tools perform better? Which ideas can help design more efficient solutions? These are the questions every good specialist asks all the time. At CloudLinux, we love to share new knowledge, experience, and skills. That’s why we created Tech Talks. Tech Talks is a series of online meetings that create an informal corporate R&D center. It’s how we spread technical information and new ideas among our remote teams. Every employee who has something useful to share can be a speaker, especially those who took part in company Skill Upgrading programs.

Perks and benefits

Each team member does his or her part to drive the company to success. At CloudLinux, we appreciate that contribution and share the outcomes. That is why we offer our employees all the popular perks and benefits of the tech industry, and even more!

Coach sessions

Salary in US dollars

Paid one month vacation per year

Paid sick leaves

Days off on national holidays

Medical insurance

English Language training

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