Bring dozens or even hundreds of dockerized applications to your customers, fast.

KuberDock deploys in just 2 hours!



KuberDock: Breakthrough Deployment of Apps

Customers don’t want to install, configure, secure, and maintain virtual machines. They just want to use applications to help them run their businesses. The KuberDock platform is based on Docker containers, and lets you extend your hosting environment with software that was previously “unhostable” on shared servers. The first of its kind, KuberDock allows you to choose from thousands of dockerized applications and start selling those applications to your customers in just hours.

Increase Revenue with KuberDock

Boost revenue by offering dockerized apps to your customers, fast


Start selling ready-to-use apps now

Get started with KuberDock’s catalog of predefined applications. They are ready for you to package and sell to your customers now.


Access to 70K+ Docker apps

KuberDock is designed to help hosting companies take advantage of containers and easily launch dockerized applications. It provides access to applications within Dockerhub. Those applications include ERP and CRM systems, CMS, databases, search engines, log archivals, image libraries, and many other types.


Create your own comprehensive yet easy-to-deploy application packages

Easily combine multiple Docker images into a single application to launch apps your customers want. You can start by offering those applications most relevant to your existing customer base and then grow your offering to gain new customers. Whether you decide to offer a broad catalog of applications or focus on apps for a specific industry, like the medical or financial field, you can deploy applications that best fit your customer needs, quickly.

Create your own application packages by writing YAML files to package components to be sold as a single application. For example, Wordpress with elasticsearch can provide much-needed enterprise search functionality for companies with extensive search needs. You could also package blog software with video streaming apps, or e-commerce software with image galleries. The possibilities are endless!


Key Features

Designed for quick deployment by hosting providers and ease of use by end-users

Easy deployment

Deploy in just a few hours! Requires only two servers to start. Easy to scale. No setup fees. No minimum commitment.

View requirements

Master or Node: 2 core CPU, 2 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD.

64bit CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) or higher, XFS file system.

KuberDock and cPanel servers must share the same broadcast domain to enable public IP migration from node to node. Master must have an ability to resolve all node hostnames to IPs.

Persistent Storage:
Ceph, Amazon EBS (if running inside AWS), local disks (on KuberDock nodes).

Read KuberDock Documentation

Integrated with your
billing system and control panel

With our powerful API, you can integrate KuberDock into your billing and customer management systems in no time. Out-of-the-box support for WHMCS and cPanel is provided, and support for other popular billing systems will be added soon. However, you can integrate KuberDock with your own custom billing solution through the provided API now.

Easy-to-use interface for your customers

Managing apps with KuberDock is a breeze.

Customers can purchase a particular hosted application through the web hosting provider website or within the control panel. Customers can also buy resources needed to launch Docker containers in a typical IaaS fashion, to support their infrastructure expansion in the cloud.

Simple pricing for your customers and easy for you to maintain

KuberDock makes pricing easy and straightforward with its fixed monthly pricing or pay-as-you-go.

  • Customers can purchase any package and switch packages at any time.
  • To simplify selection, recommendations are provided per application, and you (the hoster) can change values and recommendations for each application.
  • You can set pricing per month per application, and create different packages that support various options of predefined resources allocated per plan, which include RAM, Disk space, and CPU power.
  • Hosting providers can also set prices for the following components: initial deposit, price per GB of persistent storage, and price per public IP.

How to buy

 Monthly PricingWhat is included
Package price $128.00 (no setup fee) includes 16 cores
Additional core price $8.00 each additional core after 16

We offer a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

For help setting up your free trial or with sales inquiries, please call us at +1 (201) 720-2340 or email [email protected]

Summary Feature list
Works with any Docker app
Supports complex app scenarios
Includes ready-to-use catalog of predefined applications
Powerful API
Out-of-the-box integration with cPanel and WHMCS
Automated replication and load balancing (coming soon)
Standard-compatible (Docker)

Unmatched Support

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