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Dell keeps their Linux servers on and secure with KernelCare - all the latest security patches are promptly applied to running kernels

April 21, 2020 KernelCare Achieves Amazon Linux 2 Ready Designation
November 7, 2019 CloudLinux Inc. Announces Distribution Partnership with ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
September 16, 2019 KernelCare live patches Linux kernels on Arm
March 21, 2019 Plesk integrates industry-leading web hosting security solution ImunifyAV into Plesk core.
March 20, 2019 ImunifyAV integrated into cPanel & WHM WebOps
March 19, 2019 CloudLinux Releases Imunify360 4.0 to Production with New Features
February 27, 2019 CloudLinux Brings New Features to Imunify360 4.0
September 18, 2018 CloudLinux Hires Jim Jackson as President and Chief Revenue Officer
July 17, 2018 CloudLinux’s Imunify360 Proactive Defense™ Preemptively Protects Linux Web Servers Against Attacks
June 26, 2018 CloudLinux Releases Imunify360 Proactive Defense™ Beta to Preemptively Protect Linux Web Servers Against Attacks
May 2, 2018 KernelCare eliminates vulnerabilities in Linux kernels without the need to reboot servers
April 16, 2018 CloudLinux releases the resource allocation controls for web hosting resellers for Plesk
April 10, 2018 CloudLinux announces Imunify360’s support for DirectAdmin
March 15, 2018 CloudLinux announces the release of the CloudLinux OS Node.js Selector
March 14, 2018 CloudLinux releases Imunify360 v3 with improved malware blocking capabilities
March 9, 2018 CloudLinux announces two speaking engagements and participation at the CloudFest 2018 event
February 6, 2018 KernelCare by CloudLinux fixes Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities without reboots
January 16, 2018 CloudLinux releases CloudLinux Backup for Imunify360, offers automated recovery of infected files and free space
October 18, 2017 CloudLinux releases resource allocation controls for web hosting resellers
September 20, 2017 CloudLinux Releases the Imunify360 Provider Directory
September 14, 2017 CloudLinux’s KernelCare improves security and reduces downtime for Pagely's WordPress hosted customers
September 11, 2017 CloudLinux releases the Imunify360 Partner Guide
August 25, 2017 CloudLinux releases WHMCS plugin for provisioning Imunify360 licenses
July 12, 2017 CloudLinux Releases LibCare, the Toolset for Livepatching of User Space, Free as Open Source
July 11, 2017 CloudLinux enhances Imunify360’s defense capabilities with Wallarm’s web application AI technology
July 6, 2017 CloudLinux’s Imunify360 new malware scanning engine protects Linux Web servers better than competing technologies
June 15, 2017 Elastic Sites Pushes the Hosting Industry Forward, Launches the Official Provider Seal
June 7, 2017 Imunify360’s Artificial Intelligence Secures Linux Web Servers Free for Nonprofits
June 6, 2017 FullHost makes CloudLinux’s Imunify360 Linux Web server security available to clients
May 31, 2017 Imunify360 Upcoming Webinar Schedule Released
May 18, 2017 Imunify360 by CloudLinux sells over one thousand licenses in just 6 weeks
April 12, 2017 Canadian Web Hosting Deploys Imunify360 to Protect and Secure Linux Servers
April 3, 2017 CloudLinux CEO Igor Seletskiy Joins Expert Panels at HostingCon Global!
March 29, 2017 Endurance Implements Rebootless Updates with KernelCare
March 29, 2017 CloudLinux Reveals the All-in-one, Automated Security Solution for Linux Web Servers, Powered by AI
January 13, 2017 CloudLinux exceeds 100,000 server installs
January 11, 2017 CloudLinux announces Imunify360 public beta
December 8, 2016 KuberDock 1.5 is now available, delivers the most stable platform yet
November 30, 2016 Plesk offers KernelCare, helps customers keep servers secure and without downtime
November 10, 2016 First in Europe to Bring Docker Hosting Powered by KuberDock
October 24, 2016 KernelCare Eliminates Kernel Security Threats Such as Dirty Cow Free for Nonprofits
September 29, 2016 Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform adds support for CloudLinux OS
September 21, 2016 Intraweb pioneers KuberDock-powered dockerized application hosting in Europe
September 8, 2016 CloudLinux launches Getting Started with CloudLinux OS
August 31, 2016 KuberDock by CloudLinux now supports Plesk
July 7, 2016 CloudLinux OS is Now a Preferred Operating System in DirectAdmin Control Panel
May 18, 2016 Liquid Web rolls out KernelCare rebootless security updates to 20K managed servers
March 16, 2016 CloudLinux launches KuberDock, allows hosting providers to start selling dockerized apps in just 2 hours
March 10, 2016 KernelCare Exceeds 50,000 Server Installs
January 29, 2016 CloudLinux and cPanel Mark Their 5-Year Anniversary
January 26, 2016 CloudLinux Joins cPanel at Their First-ever Global Roadshow
December 1, 2015 KernelCare Now Support Proxmox VE Servers with Rebootless Security Updates
October 30, 2015 New “Docker for Hosters” Webinar Series Explains How Docker Will Revolutionize Hosting
September 15, 2015 CloudLinux OS Releases HardenedPHP, Secures Vulnerable Old PHP Versions for Hosting Providers
July 27, 2015 CloudLinux Launches KuberDock Public Beta
July 24, 2015 William Bell of PhoenixNAP Discusses Business Value of Containers at HostingCon Global 2015, With Guest Igor Seletskiy of CloudLinux
July 21, 2015 Linux Foundation Membership Grows As Linux Dominates IT Infrastructure
June 11, 2015 CloudLinux Releases OptimumCache, an Exclusive Density Enhancer for CloudLinux Servers
March 23, 2015 CloudLinux to Exhibit at WHD.Global 2015, Announces KuberDock
March 12, 2015 KernelCare by CloudLinux Reaches 20,000 Server Installs Milestone
February 11, 2015 CloudLinux Reaches 25,000 Server Installs Milestone
January 25, 2015 CloudLinux Releases DB Governor for MySQL Database Server
July 3, 2014 JaguarPC Rolls Out CloudLinux Across Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting Services
July 3, 2014 CloudLinux Integrates with Vembu StoreGrid to Improve Stability of Shared Hosting Servers
July 3, 2014 CloudLinux to Present at WorldHostingDays 2012
June 12, 2013 CloudLinux Creates Comfort Zone at HostingCon 2013
May 22, 2013 CloudLinux Releases MySQL Governor Under GPL2 License
February 27, 2013 CloudLinux to Exhibit at WorldHostingDays.Global 2013
February 12, 2013 CloudLinux Announces 2012 Year in Review
January 26, 2013 CloudLinux to Showcase Shared Hosting OS at Parallels Summit 2013
January 9, 2013 CloudLinux Launches Pre-Configured Images for Amazon EC2
December 26, 2012 CloudLinux Adds PHP 5.5 Alpha2 to PHP Selector
November 19, 2012 CloudLinux Announces New Simplified MySQL Governor Software
October 25, 2012 CloudLinux Announces Partnership with VinaCIS for Vietnamese Distribution
October 12, 2012 CloudLinux Announces Per-Customer Disk I/O Limits for Shared Hosting
September 20, 2012 CloudLinux to Improve Shared Hosting Uptime at cPanel Conference 2012
August 31, 2012 CloudLinux Releases New and Improved LVE Manager Plugin
August 21, 2012 CloudLinux Reaches Milestone with 1,000 Paying Customers and 9,000 Servers
July 10, 2012 CloudLinux Secures Shared Servers Against Attack at HostingCon 2012
June 26, 2012 CloudLinux Adds Functionality to Define Per-Package LVE Limits
May 30, 2012 CloudLinux Enhances Shared Hosting Security
March 5, 2012 SoftLayer
February 16, 2012 CloudLinux Releases Industry
January 18, 2012 CloudLinux Announces Support for Atomia, Improves Stability of Shared Hosting Servers
January 16, 2012 LeaseWeb Enhances Virtual Environment with CloudLinux
November 22, 2011 CloudLinux Announces Preferred Partner Program - First to Join
October 25, 2011 CloudLinux Partners with Parallels to Improve Stability of Shared Hosting Servers
October 7, 2011 CloudLinux to Present at cPanel BootCamp
September 20, 2011 CloudLinux Now Running on More Than 5,000 Servers
September 12, 2011 CloudLinux Launches CloudLinux 6.1
August 17, 2011 CoolHandle Deploys Tuned Hosting with CloudLinux
July 26, 2011 CloudLinux Wins Editor's Choice Award
June 23, 2011 Marv Steigman Joins CloudLinux Team
June 18, 2011 cPanel Announces CloudLinux Partnership
February 17, 2011 CloudLinux Releases Upgrade to LVE 0.8
February 17, 2011 CloudLinux Founder and CEO to Present Next Week at Parallels Summit 2011
February 11, 2011 PingZine: Interview with CloudLinux: A Linux OS
February 9, 2011 Site5 Partners with CloudLinux to Boost Server Stability
February 7, 2011 ZNet Technologies Partners With CloudLinux
September 27, 2010 Indonesian Hosting Provider HostGokil Partners with Cloud Linux Inc.
September 21, 2010 Directi, Leading Web Services Company based in India, Partners with Cloud Linux Inc.
September 15, 2010 Turkey Based Hosting Provider VeriPortal Partners with Cloud Linux Inc.
September 13, 2010 Cloud Linux Inc. Reaches Major Milestone and is Now Deployed on over 1000 Servers
September 7, 2010 Cloud Linux and Ksplice Launch First Ever Rebootless Linux Distribution for Hosting Service Providers
September 1, 2010 CloudLinux Named Editor's Choice By Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide
August 23, 2010 Singapore Based Hosting Provider Usonyx Partners With Cloud Linux Inc. To Update Its Dedicated Server Offering
August 18, 2010 Latvian Hosting Provider GARM Technologies Partners with Cloud Linux Inc. to Deliver Increased Server Performance to its Customers
August 18, 2010 CirtexHosting to Partner with Cloud Linux Inc. and Deliver Improved Performance and Reliability to its Customers
August 3, 2010 Cloud Linux Inc. Goes Global as 16 New Hosting and Data Center Partners Come Online
July 26, 2010 ISPsystem Supports Cloud Linux
July 20, 2010 Cloud Linux
July 15, 2010 UK2 Group Deploys CloudLinux Across It Shared Hosting And Reseller Servers
July 12, 2010 Cloud Linux Inc. Releases SecureLVE Raising The Bar On Shared Hosting Security Solutions
July 4, 2010 Cloud Linux Named "Best Start-Up" In 2010 For The Cloud Computing World Series
July 3, 2010 Cloud Linux Inc. CEO To Speak At HostingCon
June 29, 2010 Dynamic Net Inc. Partners With Cloud Linux Inc. To Deliver Increased Stability And Performance Across Its Hosting Infrastructure
June 22, 2010 Romanian Hosting Provider CH-Center Hosting To Partner with Cloud Linux Inc.
June 15, 2010 Cloud Linux Inc. Named Finalist In 2010 Cloud Computing World Series Awards In The "Best Start-Up" Category
June 9, 2010 Hosting Metro To Partner With Cloud Linux Inc. And Offer CloudLinux To Its Customers
June 2, 2010 Cartika Increases Density by 5X while Improving Uptime and Performance With CloudLinux
May 25, 2010 Top Hosting Center To Offer CloudLinux On All Of Its Cloud Hosting Solutions
May 18, 2010 Cloud Linux Inc. Releases LVE Wrappers, New Tools to Control CPU Usage For Individual Users and Programs on Dedicated Servers
May 10, 2010 Canadian Web Hosting Partners With Cloud Linux Inc. To Offer CloudLinux As One Of Its Standard Linux Operating Systems
May 4, 2010 CloudLinux Announces Compatibility with R1Soft, the Leading Backup Software for Linux Servers in the Cloud
April 28, 2010 Parallels adds CloudLinux to Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5
April 25, 2010 SingleHop to offer CloudLinux as part of its Cascade Cloud Platform and dedicated server offerings
April 20, 2010 CloudLinux 5.5 Released
April 20, 2010 Lite Speed Technologies has integrated CloudLinux LVE technology in its flagship product - LiteSpeed Web Server
March 24, 2010 Proprietary Research from CloudLinux Demonstrates How Web Hosting Providers Can Improve Server Stability and Double The Density of Shared Servers
March 15, 2010 CloudLinux To Present at WebhostingDay 2010
March 10, 2010 VPS.NET to Offer CloudLinuxOS as One of Its Standard Operating Systems on Its Entire Suite of Cloud Offerings
March 2, 2010 TheWhir: "Inside CloudLinux's New Linux-Based Cloud OS"
February 20, 2010 CloudLinux Signs Six New Partnerships Within First 30 Days of Launch
February 15, 2010 Hosting Reseller Specialist Altaire Partners with CloudLinux
February 14, 2010 Cartika, an industry innovator in hosting chooses CloudLinux OS as part of its newly launched CartikaCloud Service Offer
February 14, 2010 The Register: "CloudLinux promises virtual benefits for high rollers"
February 14, 2010 CloudLinux and its Server Optimization Technology for the Hosting Market to be Unveiled at Upcoming Industry Summit
February 14, 2010 Cartika Selects CloudLinux OS As Part of its New CartikaCloud Offer

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