CloudLinux - Beta: LVE Manager, CageFS, lve-utils and lve-stats updated

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New updated versions of LVE Manager (1.0-2), CageFS (5.5-1), lve-utils (1.5-1) and lve-stats (2.1-1) are available from our updates-testing repository.


lvemanager 1.0-2
  • LVEMAN-354: APRS. fixed App URI editing to domain root location;
  • LVEMAN-353: ARPS: selectorctl: implemented automatical detecting of "alternative" ruby/python interpreters new installed versions;
  • LVEMAN-360: APRS: added (sub)domain support for selectorctl;
  • LVEMAN-337, LVEMAN-361: APRS: added (sub)domain support for cPanel web-interface;
  • LVEMAN-363: APRS: fixed removing 'collable' name from WSGI file location;
  • LVEMAN-365, LVEMAN-367: fixed Previous/Next snapshot links and dropdown lists bugs in snapshot viewer in Cpanel;
  • LVEMAN-109: added handling of IOPS and speed (for proc version 8 ) to cpanel/extension/;
  • LVEMAN-112: disabled ability for reseller to change lve limits via lve packages extension;
  • LVEMAN-177: deleted ncpu from CPanel LVE package extention;
  • LVEMAN-352: ARPS: displays correct error message for selectorctl --enable-user-extensions;
  • LVEMAN-172: using single quotes (instead of double quotes) for strings in "selectorctl --print-options --perl" command implemented;
  • LVEMAN-188: added pt_PT locales;
  • LVEMAN-357: displays clear error message in selectorctl when user does not exist;
  • LVEMAN-206: PHP Selector: validates values of error_reporting option correctly;
  • LVEMAN-178:, run_command: print stdout when stderr is None if error has occured;
  • LVEMAN-359: ARPS: selectorctl works on CL5 (Python 2.4);
  • LVEMAN-370: ARPS: using /usr/bin/virtualenv in selectorctl instead of module;
  • LVEMAN-371: generated activation command in the web interface with the lower dash correctly;
  • LVEMAN-347: ARPS: added ability to run commands in virtualenv (cPanel);
  • LVEMAN-376: CL5: EPf field is not empty in stats data via web;
  • LVEMAN-381: added ability to enter values with commas to PHP selector fields in DA;
  • LVEMAN-258: CPU resources limited for site message, even when CPU limit was not hit (regression bugfix);
  • LVEMAN-382: APRS: command line is visible for all applications;
  • LVEMAN-172: selectorctl --print-options --perl uses single quotes (instead of double quotes) for strings (part2);
  • LVEMAN-290: ARPS: fixed error Permission denied: /root/.pip if pip can not install some packages;
  • LVEMAN-389: charts are displayed correctly for LVE Manager for Cpanel;
  • LVEMAN-388: detected format of output of lvechart;
  • LVEMAN-314: Resource Usage Details adapted for lve-stats2;
  • LVES-230: embed lvechart result as <object> in lvemanager if it is svg and as <img> otherwise;
  • LVEMAN-406: admin and user do not see --show-all graphs;
  • LVEMAN-195: implemented toggle to show domain name instead of username;
  • LVEMAN-396: added ability to update python binary in virtual environment;
  • LVEMAN-415: fixed special symbols in PHP Selector Options;
  • LVEMAN-196: added ability to specify that PHP version is 'beta' or 'experimental';
  • LVEMAN-423: added safelinks support;
  • LVEMAN-398: lve settings extention for package works with CL7, cPanel 11.50, installation script fixed;
  • LVEMAN-425: fixed Resource Usage icon in cPanel paper_lantern theme;
  • LVEMAN-424: added title to Resource Usage and Select PHP Version pages in cpanel paper_lantern theme;
  • LVEMAN-418: fixed Package LVE settings extention setup;
  • LVEMAN-159: cl-quota: does not fail when control panel is not detected;
  • LVEMAN-434: fixed incorrect installing/updating lvemanager in CloudLinux7;
  • LVEMAN-435: fixed incorrect lvemanager behaviour when system python is not /usr/bin/python.
cagefs 5.5-1
  • CAG-363: added /usr/libexec/ to cagefs-skeleton;
  • CAG-343: properly copied /dev/stdin, /dev/stdout, /dev/stderr to cagefs-skeleton;
  • CAG-260: "cagefsctl --force-update" correctly updates permissions/owner of devices;
  • added /etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted;
  • CAG-365: fixed PHP settings reset with --rebuild-alt-php-ini;
  • CAG-364: added missing /usr/bin/ld to cagefs-skeleton for CL7;
  • CAG-255: added processing of SIGINT signal (cntrl-c) to proxyexec wrappers;
  • CAG-367: added %/var/cpanel/userdata "splitted" mount to for cPanel (required for Python/Ruby Selector);
  • CAG-370: added /usr/share/misc/magic.mgc to cagefs-skeleton;
  • CAG-366: cagefsctl --rebuild-alt-php-ini: improve validation of php.ini options (added --validate-alt-php-ini option to cagefsctl);
  • CAG-369: php.ini options validation is correct depending on PHP version;
  • CAG-375: added php56 path to cagefs config file;
  • CAG-374: added spamassassin directories;
  • CAG-378: fixed major ~/.cagefs/tmp/ directory and symlink related vulnerability;
  • CAG-377: fixed duplicating cagefs hooks for Plesk panel.
lve-utils 1.5-1
  • LU-124: lvectl detects own function correctly on install;
  • LU-125: lveps: added ability to display full command with parameters for process (COM field);
  • LU-127, LU-127: fixed loosing lve settings for DA package if users personal settings changed;
  • AAP-22: implemented reporting if 'mount --remount-rprivate' fails on service start.
lve-stats 2.1-1
  • LVES-194: more informative and correct snapshots implemented;
  • LVES-197: SnapshotSaver: parses output of lveps correctly;
  • LVES-192: implemented SnapshotSaver save command name;
  • changed default value of keep_history_days parameter from 60 to 30 days;
  • LVES-200: recreated plugin process on each unhandled exception;
  • LVES-163: lveinfo works with mysql;
  • LVES-166: lve-stats works with postgresql;
  • LVES-132: stores usernames for each server in DB when using central database (not sqlite);
  • LVES-167: reimplemented lvechart;
  • LVES-187: added IOPS graph to lvechart;
  • LVES-199: fixed showing statistics in cPanels Resource Usage page when 660 perm on /dev/log;
  • LVES-201: fixed lve-stats server so it doesn't consume 99% CPU on a real server;
  • LVES-205: implemented usernames support for each server in DB when using central database in lve-chart;
  • LVES-198: does not recreate database when it is locked;
  • LVES-212: improved charts;
  • LVES-202: fixed cpanel EP/PMEM usage stats in left panel;
  • LVES-213: improved snapshot reader;
  • LVES-208: lvechart is backward compatible;
  • LVES-207: fixed incorrect svg format output in lvechart;
  • LVES-220: fixed incorrect displaying of svg-files created by lvechart on a Web page;
  • LVES-196: added ability to localize subject of notification e-mail;
  • LVES-222: fixed lve-stats tracebacks after restarts (postgresql);
  • LVES-211: lvestats-server: added 'vacuum' command after periodic removing of old data;
  • LVES-223: lve-read-snapshot works in lve-stats with postgresql;
  • LVES-221: lvechart works with use ID for mysql;
  • LVES-140: calculates average for period correctly;
  • LVES-141: writes lve limits for lve ID 0 each minute to database;
  • LVES-219: calculates averages correctly for "old" data accumulated by lve-stats-2.0-2;
  • LVES-232: removed administrator's login and password to DB from console and log;
  • LVES-236: graphics time hint corrected;
  • LVES-238: Lvechart : timestamps for graphics corrected;
  • LVES-217: investigating the possible loss of precise option implemented;
  • LVES-174: added correct answer for incorrect request lveinfo --show-columns=id,apmem;
  • LVES-227: added WARNING Message in log when can not connect to MySQL database;
  • LVES-245: fixed incorrect behaviour of "service lvestats start|stop";
  • LVES-210: excluded writing duplicated records into DB;
  • LVES-246: SqlAlchemy queue pool doesn't affect lvestats correct functioning;
  • LVES-249: ZeroDivisionError: floated division by zero;
  • LVES-228: fixed formatting error in lve-read-snapshot;
  • LVES-244: lveinfo and lvemainchart optimized;
  • LVES-257: lve-read-snapshot with --output - file opens for write;
  • LVES-250: lvechart: cases of discrepancy of graphs, axis X, hint implemented;
  • LVES-256: added readable message if date in --from & --to has incorrect format;
  • LVES-191: displays zero instead of small values;
  • LVES-266: optimized number of aggregation groups when querying history for lvechart;
  • LVES-263: increased precision when using csv format for IO/IOPS values;
  • LVES-267: lveinfo doesn't show users that has zero usage.
To update run the following commands:

$ yum install alt-python27-MySQL-meta --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
$ yum update alt-python lvemanager lve-utils cagefs --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

For CL7, CL5 for Alt Python/Ruby selector:

$ yum install alt-mod-passenger alt-python-virtualenv --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing
$ yum groupinstall alt-python alt-ruby --enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

Note. For CloudLinux 6: If alt-python was updated from beta repository, then you should perform the following operation for each alt-python version (required for users' virtual environment recovery):

selectorctl -i python --version 2.7 --user '*' --update-interpreter

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