CloudLinux - Extending PHP Selector - Part I

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PHP Selector packages wide number of PHP extends, but sometimes you might want to add one more.

You can install additional PEAR packages serverwide by running /opt/alt/phpXX/usr/bin/pear command line tool, where XX is php version you need a package for. For example to install Auth package for php52 you would do:
/opt/alt/php52/usr/bin/pear install Auth

Checking if the package is installed from the user side is also easy - enter int cagefs for that user:
cagefsctl --enter USER

and check if package is visible:
/opt/alt/php52/usr/bin/pear list | grep Auth

By default, PEAR packages are installed to /opt/alt/phpXX/usr/share/pear directory. To make sure that those packages are available to web applications the path should be included with your php.ini. You can check include_path from phpinfo() page. If path is not there, you may need to edit /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.ini and add something like:
include_path = ".:/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/phpXX/usr/share/php:/opt/alt/phpXX/usr/share/pear"

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