CloudLinux - KernelCare Exceeds 50,000 Server Installs

KernelCare Exceeds 50,000 Server Installs

Rebootless kernel security update service by CloudLinux enables enterprises and hosting companies to keep kernels secure and servers running.

KernelCare (, a patent pending service that makes automated kernel security patching without reboots possible by leading shared hosting OS developer CloudLinux, announced today it has surpassed 50,000 server installs. Launched nearly 2 years ago, KernelCare keeps Linux servers secure with all the latest kernel patches automatically applied to the running kernel causing no downtime. In the past year, KernelCare has more than tripled their server installs and is growing rapidly.

“KernelCare service is very robust and doesn’t alter the performance of servers,” said Igor Seletskiy, Founder and CEO at CloudLinux. “We release new patches fast, often a lot faster than leading OS companies release updated kernels, and they are automatically installed to the running kernel taking only nanoseconds.”

KernelCare supports most popular Linux distributions including CentOS/RHEL/CloudLinux 5, 6 and 7, OpenVZ & Virtuozzo, Debian 6, 7 and 8, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Proxmox VE 3.x & 4.x. Other kernels will follow.

KernelCare features include: 

  • Super-fast release of security patches for new vulnerabilities in supported kernels
  • Rebootless updates to a running kernel without service interruptions
  • Automatic checks for and application of new patches every four hours
  • Easy, rebootless initial install with a single line of code - takes just minutes to install
  • Rollback capability without rebooting with a single command
  • Virtually no performance impact during updates

KernelCare has changed how kernel patches are generated, applied, and updated at the kernel level. It uses unique, patent-pending technology based on asm code to generate patches. The technology allows us to generate complex patches yet small in size. Since KernelCare is open source, customers have access to see how their patches are both generated and applied, as well as offer suggestions on improving the technology.

Prices run as low as $2.25 per server per month. Companies can try KernelCare free for 30 days and to purchase licenses at The free trial brings an unlimited number of kernels up-to-date with all security patches instantly and no purchase is required.

To learn more about KernelCare, visit

About KernelCare and CloudLinux

CloudLinux is on a mission to make Linux secure, stable, and profitable. Its flagship product, CloudLinux OS, runs on more than 30,000 production servers today, and is recognized as the best OS for security and efficiency in a shared hosting environment. KernelCare is CloudLinux's fastest growing product and provides automated kernel security updates without reboots for most popular Linux distributions. It ensures optimal performance and uptime by allowing hosting providers, such as LiquidWeb, and enterprises, such as Dell, to keep kernels up-to-date with all security patches while keeping servers online.

Visit for more information.

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