CloudLinux - CloudLinux Releases New and Improved LVE Manager Plugin

CloudLinux Releases New and Improved LVE Manager Plugin

Princeton, NJ (PRESS RELEASE) August 31, 2012 – CloudLinux (, creators of a unique Linux distribution optimized for shared web hosting services, announced today the next version of the CloudLinux LVE Manager plugin. Shared hosting companies can use the plugin to define resource limits and monitor customer usage, improving server stability and performance. The new plugin not only makes this process much easier and more flexible, but also for the first time introduces the ability to define limits on a per-package basis.
“Defining resource limits for shared hosting plans is the foundation of what CloudLinux does,” says Igor Seletskiy, Founder and CEO at CloudLinux. We understand the importance of making this process painless for busy hosting providers, and the significance of a convenient control panel plugin. The latest version of the LVE Manager plugin includes new functionality such as per-package limits, allowing hosts to have even more control over their servers without increasing workloads.

CloudLinux is an operating system (OS) built around the popular Linux kernel, optimized to meet the requirements of shared web hosting providers. Typically, a shared hosting OS gives every user the system resources they need, on-demand. However, this means that if a single user experiences high traffic and requires significant amounts of CPU, RAM, or IO, other customers will suffer. To combat this, CloudLinux uses a Lightweight Virtual Environment, or LVE, to isolate each shared account. Hosting companies can then define maximum resource limits on a per-account basis using a plugin that works with cPanel, Parallels Plesk Panel, DirectAdmin, ISPmanager, and InterWorx. The new version of the LVE Manager plugin introduces the ability to set limits on a per-package basis, giving hosting providers the opportunity to sell tiered service plans with their own resource allocations. In addition, customers, for the first time, can establish user limits on physical memory, disk IO, and number of processes.

The more resources a host can control, the more customized their shared hosting services can be, says Seletskiy. By giving hosting companies as many options as possible and allowing them to limit a wider number of resource types, the new LVE Manager plugin helps guarantee that hosting companies can offer the plans that work best with their servers. We have heard from several customers who would like to set limits on a per-package basis, avoiding the manual process of creating limits for each individual customer. We are pleased to respond to what hosting companies need, and will continue to do so with every new version of the LVE Manager plugin. Of course, we have also worked hard to improve the existing features of the CloudLinux OS.

The LVE Manager plugin for CloudLinux is now easier than ever to install, configure, and use. The ability to work with existing features, such as CPU limits, virtual memory limits, and concurrent connection limits, has been streamlined to reduce the amount of time hosting providers must spend on managing LVE limits. In addition, the CloudLinux team has improved charts and reporting, making them better looking and more flexible. Hosting providers can now view concise, easy-to-understand charts that offer at-a-glance snapshots of resource usage.

We have always been committed to improving CloudLinux and helping hosting providers get the most from their systems, says Seletskiy. With each new LVE Manager version, the functionality we give shared hosting providers becomes more advanced and more powerful. Just as we routinely update and patch the core CloudLinux OS, we will continue to bring new features to the LVE Manager plugin and refine the existing ones.

CloudLinux is an impressive operating system that makes shared hosting services more stable and efficient. Hosting companies can more accurately predict and control system usage, while their customers can depend on consistent shared hosting plan performance. With the release of the new LVE Manager plugin, launching and configuring CloudLinux is now easier than ever. Prospective customers wanting to learn more about CloudLinux, CloudLinux OS, and the new LVE Manager plugin, are encouraged to visit

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CloudLinux was founded in 2009 to address the distinctive needs of web hosting providers. The company’s headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey, and its development team, composed of employees with an appreciable proficiency in the hosting business, is based in Donetsk, Ukraine. CloudLinux is a stable, privately funded company geared toward providing the ideal operating system (OS) to make even the most intricate and divergent hosting needs more straightforward. The companys flagship OS is optimized to help hosting providers deliver more stable shared hosting services, with account isolation and resource allocation on an OS level. For more information on CloudLinux,

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