CloudLinux - Plesk integrates industry-leading web hosting security solution ImunifyAV into Plesk core.

Plesk integrates industry-leading web hosting security solution ImunifyAV into Plesk core.

By integrating ImunifyAV, part of the Imunify Security product set from strategic partner CloudLinux, Plesk gives customers the most effective malware detection solution in the industry.  Plesk customers now benefit from automatic scans of their sites and servers to ensure they have not been infected with hidden malware. If ImunifyAV discovers infections, Plesk customers can easily clean the infections with a simple click by upgrading to ImunifyAV+. Alternatively, if they choose to do manual cleaning in-house, they can view instructions in the ImunifyAV panel on how to clean and eradicate malware from their system. Ultimately, Plesk customers can also choose to upgrade to Imunify360, the leading multi-layer proactive defense suite for web hosting, directly from their Plesk panel.  

“We are very serious about decisions to integrate 3rd party products into Plesk. After doing our research, evaluating the technology, and seeing firsthand the benefits our customers were receiving from ImunifyAV and the rest of the Imunify products, we decided it was something all Plesk customers must have,” said Nils Hueneke, Plesk CEO.  “The detection rates and product performance are great and we look forward to making sure our customers are protected right from the beginning.”

Plesk and Imunify Security. “We have known the CloudLinux and Imunify Security team for some time, and this is just the next step in underlining our long-term strategic partnership.  In 2018 we started to offer Imunify360 as a featured product through our Security Advisor,” Nils continued. “Additionally, they delivered Imunify Quick Patch for Plesk for us late last year, replacing Opsani with a more effective toolset for detecting and patching package vulnerabilities.  After acquiring Revisium last year, the Imunify Security product set really started to take shape. As we collaborated with them on the ImunifyAV integration we became convinced it was the right decision for the Plesk community. Additionally, we are sure this is a great opportunity for all our hosting partners worldwide to integrate server security easily and seamlessly into their portfolio as well.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to build on our strategic partnership with Plesk,” said Jim Jackson, President and Chief Revenue Officer at CloudLinux. “Having partnered successfully with Plesk for years on the CloudLinux OS and KernelCare, we knew we could do something special with them in the security arena as we were rapidly growing the Imunify Security product set.  We view the integration of ImunifyAV inside Plesk, and the availability of all Imunify products directly through their industry-leading panel, as the ultimate testament to our work together to protect the Plesk community from all forms of malicious attacks.”

For more information on the Imunify Security Products range in Plesk, read How To Automate Server Protection With The Imunify Products Family.
For more information on ImunifyAV, visit
About Plesk
Plesk is a leading WebOps hosting platform and a long-time collaborator with CloudLinux. With over 11 million websites running on more than 380,000 servers, Plesk lets customers run hosting businesses, develop websites, and automate applications.
About CloudLinux
Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, CloudLinux is on a mission to make Linux web servers safer, stronger, and more profitable. We have over 4,000 customers and partners, (Dell and LiquidWeb among them), more than 250,000 product installations globally, and our dedicated analysts and developers have together more than 450 years' worth of Linux experience.

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