Why CloudLinux

Double Server Density With CloudLinux

Increasing server density means you can fit more tenants on a server. That means you can further optimize each server to maximize your profit. Many CloudLinux customers have doubled their server density.

Optimize Each Server

Deploying CloudLinux ensures that you are optimizing the use of each server. The added stability of CloudLinux and tenant isolation allows you to safely add more customers to a server.

Improve Profitability

CloudLinux helps web hosts improve server density so that they can make more profit per physical server. Since every server is more stable and efficient you can safely add more customers to each server.

How to increase server density with CloudLinux

  1. Install CloudLinux or convert from another OS
  2. Monitor resource usage from tenants
  3. Adjust resource limits for tenants
  4. Add more tenants to the server without stability worries
  5. Deploy CloudLinux to the rest of your environment to maximize density