Why CloudLinux

Improve Server Stability

CloudLinux helps web hosts greatly improve the overall stability of their shared hosting environment. Unique kernel-level technology isolates each tenant with their own resource limits. This ensures a single tenant can not suddenly abuse all the resources and bring down an entire server.
  • Stays stable where other operating systems would let a server go down
  • Single customer can't abuse resources of the entire server
  • Fails safe, a sudden spike in resources from one tenant will not effect other tenants
  • A competitive advantage of stability over other shared hosting providers

More Stable OS for Web Hosting

Where other operating systems will allow entire servers full of customers go down, CloudLinux stays stable by isolating the impact to the affected tenant. All the benefits of added stability with virtually no added overhead.

Reduce Customer Churn

By providing a more stable hosting environment with CloudLinux you'll be providing an outstanding customer experience. In the competitive world of web hosting, let CloudLinux make stability your competitive advantage.