Why CloudLinux

The Only OS made for a Shared Hosting Environment

CloudLinux™ helps shared web hosts provide a more stable hosting environment by protecting against the bad neighbor effect. That means happier customers, less support calls, and greater server density resulting in lower operating costs. Learn why CloudLinux™ is the #1 source of sys admin happiness.

Why CloudLinux

CloudLinux helps improve the overall stability of shared hosting environments. Better stability leads to increased server density, decreases in support costs and a better customer experience.

Improves the overall stability of a share hosting environment

Each tenant is assigned a definitive resource limit that prevents sudden resource spikes from taking down the entire server.

Increases server density for greater utilization

Confidentally add more tenants to a server with CloudLinux knowing that the overall environment will remain stable, but with better resource utilization.

Decrease support costs

Less time fielding support calls and tracking down and suspending problem tenants frees you up to focus on the finer things in life.

Won't change how you operate

CloudLinux is compatible with all major control panels and works just like CentOS only more stable.

Happier customers and system administrators

The ultimate result of using CloudLinux is a better customer experience and happier sys admins that don't need to spend their day fire fighting.