Partner Benefits

Why should I consider CloudLinux as a partner?

Our attitude toward partners was always based on integrity, honesty and commitment at any level of co-operation. Partnership with CloudLinux gives you not only a great opportunity to purchase our solutions at a discounted price and resell it to your customers. 

Being a partner of CloudLinux also means using all the privileges of our Partner Program:

  • Additional Revenue Opportunities with Excellent Margins;

  • Automated Ordering through our API;

  • Easy to use IP based licensing;

  • Marketing Support and Content;

  • Participation in Joint Press Releases;

  • Access to the Partner Portal;

  • Unlimited 24/7 Dedicated Support including Elevation to Developers if required.

  • We offer you a full set of materials, marketing assistance and sales aids for successful promoting. CloudLinux is a devoted partner committed to helping you grow your own business with all necessary marketing and sales tools.

    Why should I offer CloudLinux to my clients?

    If you have customers who do shared hosting, use cPanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk (or any other control panel) to host multiple websites – they will thank you for providing CloudLinux. Shared hosts that use CloudLinux experience less downtime, more stability and happier customers. This means that such hosts grow faster, and will use more of your servers. As your customers' servers become more stable, you can expect them to contact your support less frequently.

    In addition, we will provide 24/7 dedicated technical support to your customers, removing some of the burden associated with dealing with OS related issues. You don't have to worry about anything - the highest level of our support service will satisfy even the most demanding client.

    Why should I offer KernelCare?

    Those customers who want to save a significant amount of system administrators’ time, decrease downtime and improve server security, will be impressed of KernelCare - a new great service, which provides important updates for the running kernel, eliminating the need to reboot Linux servers. KernelCare technology can generate binary patches for some very complex kernel changes, including changes in kernel modules and kernel data structures. It can patch pretty much any kernel level vulnerability, so that server operators no longer have to think about kernel updates.

    Learn more about KernelCare at