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Igor Seletskiy
New update for CageFS, liblve, lve-utils and LVE Manager is available from our beta repository. Ma...
09/19/2014 12:17:47 Views: 368 0
Igor Seletskiy
Last beta upgrade to 2.6.32-531.23.3.lve1.2.66 introduced a bug in LVE kmod.
New version of kmod ...
09/19/2014 11:45:55 Views: 151 0
Igor Seletskiy
A bug was introduced in 2.6.32-531.23.3.lve1.2.65 that causes memory leak when inotify is used.
09/16/2014 14:21:29 Views: 260 0
Igor Seletskiy
New patches for CL6/5Hybrid, PCS/Virtuozzo/OpenVZ kernels had been released to update them with late...
09/11/2014 18:27:09 Views: 289 0
Igor Seletskiy
New patches for CentOS and RHEL 6 kernels had been released to update up to 2.6.32-431.29.2. The upd...
09/10/2014 18:15:50 Views: 242 0
Igor Seletskiy
Latest version of alt-php 5.6 is available in our production channel. We have also released suppor...
09/09/2014 10:55:24 Views: 469 Comments: 1 0
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