Turn your servers into a safe and stable place:
  • Prevent servers from slowing down or going down
  • Reduce resource spikes
  • Increase reliability and reduce support costs
From $10.00 per month
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Set limits and take control over server resources:
  • CPU
  • Concurrent connections
  • IO
  • Number of processes
  • Memory
  • MySQL CPU & IO
From $10.00 per month
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Isolate tenants and increase your servers security:
  • Users don't see other users
    on the server
  • No symlinks attacks
  • Users are caged and have
    access only to safe files
  • Users can see only their
    own processes
  • No SUID files at all
  • Prevent large number of
    attacks against server
From $10.00 per month
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Get the most from every server:
  • Improve density
  • Decrease support costs
  • Give customers more choices
  • Up sell to higher plans and VPS
From $10.00 per month
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Multiple PHP versions
Give your customers a choice.
Let them select PHP version:
  • PHP versions 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 & 5.6
  • More than 120 PHP extensions
  • Customer can switch at any moment
From $10.00 per month
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What some of our customers are saying...

As a hosting company we are very impressed with CloudLinux product. It's deployed across all our cPanel shared hosting servers and now we can provide more stable and secured service to our customers.
Igal Rosenkranz
CEO, LiveDns Ltd
CloudLinux has been a key component to Funio's success since day one. Combined with CageFS, it has helped us reach new heights in terms of server stability by preventing the "bad neighbor effect" while increasing overall server security and density. Installing CloudLinux on a shared-hosting server instantly makes it more reliable and more secure without having to invest much effort, and I wouldn't build a shared-hosting server without it!
Jean-Francois Chevrette
Tech Lead, Funio
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